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Topshop Waterproof Liner: Ebony

When it comes to eyeliners I often switch between them, in truth because I can never find one with adequate staying power. Whether it's liquid, gel, or pencil - no matter how much I prep and prime and seal with powder - I always end up with the dreaded panda eyes by noon. However Topshop's Waterproof Liner in Ebony (£5) is the latest addition to my beauty cupboard and has quickly become one of my all-time favorite liners.

That said, I used to be a little dubious when it comes to purchasing beauty products from my favorite clothing lines, as I feel as if they're paid less attention than our much loved labels. Until, I purchased Topshop's Glow in Polished (£9) and Topshop's Lips in Saint (£8) and was blown away by the quality of the products leaving me wanting more and more. The price tags are reasonable but still one of the the more expensive brands on the highstreet for some of their products. Though I still believe that but Topshop's makeup line is somewhat of an unsung hero in the beauty community.

As one of their cheaper products, I know Topshop's Kohl Liner in Coal (£4) is a much faved and was remarkably close to purchase when I stumbled across their Topshop's Waterproof Liner in Ebony (£5) and figured for the tiny price difference it was certainly worth a try. What really blew me away with this product is just how creamy it was to apply and how unwilling it was to budge once on my waterline. Though it can be easily smudged to create a sultry smoky eye or grunge look. In the seven or so hours that I wore it the liner remained all but tattooed. To say long lasting would be an understatement, especially on my oily skin!

In fact the swatch you see above succombed to some vigorous scrubbing and wiping before agreeing to budge an inch. Thankfully, when it comes to removal I keep my beloved L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution (on offer at Boots for £3.33) close to hand that gives me makeup free eyes in just a few swipes.

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