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Sunday #sbloggers Summary #1

Friday saw the first of hopefully many student blogger chats, it was amazing meeting so many of you! Student bloggers are unlike any other  - if you're like me you have to juggle lectures, coursework, a part time job, volunteering and of course blogging. Frankly I don't know how we all do it. Add the overdraft and the constant lack of sleep and I think we're all pretty much super women!

Today is the the first post of a new series in which each and every Sunday I am going to sum up the chat, hopefully leaving some helpful hints and tips from getting lost in the internet forever by featuring your tweets and leaving a space for you guys suggestions for the next chats.

As this was the very first, we started with a general chat where everyone just got to know each other and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you all for not leaving me alone, crazily hash tagging on twitter. To my astonishment by the end of the chat we were soon trending third in the UK. Third. Like people wanted to talk about it third most. It was like your third favorite food, which is still pretty darn yummy. Or your third favorite song. You know? I can literally not explain how blown away I was that something I had dreamt up was not only happening, but people were actually enjoying it!

Quite a few common topic suggestions were brought up and bay far the most requested was lighting, cameras - so that'll be next week's (Friday 24th January) chat to get the ball rolling. After that it'll be decided by a poll right here on my weekly  Sunday Student Summary post. Please, please, please make sure to leave your future chat suggestions in the comment below or you can tweet or e-mail or write it on my Facebook wall - it's up to you! Coming up so far we have budget busting products, managing studies and blogging, telling your friends, the big scary world of PR and SEO, meet ups, and anything else you guys can dream up.

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