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My Hobby.

If you follow me on instagram you may know I have another hobby besides blogging and slowly buying up all the world's beauty supplies - and that is photography. I have amassed quite a collection of old 35mm and 120mm cameras that I have carefully collected from a number of car boot sales and charity shops over the years. I love them.

There's something in film photography that digital photography will never be able to capture, it's all about the non-perfect photo. That moment when your friend opens her mouth to tell you to shut off the camera with her mouth wide open, but it's done, you've taken it now, so that way it will stay. There's no checking, or deleting, or reshooting. People have become intently focussed (no pun intended) about 'the perfect shot' and we bloggers are not exempt from that. I wonder how many photos you took for you last blog post in order to get that perfect lighting or because the focus wasn't quite right - 10, 100? But the story behind the photo is never in the perfectly posed shot, the story is in all those accidental shots and bumps and flashes leading up to it.

This was the the first film camera I laid eyes upon since the millennium, and the first to my collection. It's the Kodak Coloursnap 35 manufactured 1964-1967. That's the other thing I love about film cameras, the history of it all. That camera has been on countless holidays, at weddings and birthdays I can only imagine. It has shot tens of peoples happy moments and probably some sad ones to. It has a life about it. It had been knocked and packed away and sold on to the next person in a way that digital cameras can never be, for over forty years before it finally reached my doorstep. The light leaks are it's own, the lens scratches and the faded buttons all add to it's personality.

If you want to see why I love my camera, just head over to lomography. They have an entire gallery dedicated to it's spontaneous effects.

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