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Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream (50ml)* is by far the best smelling hair product that's I've ever had the pleasure of testing. It leaves a sweet lingering scent, and gives me luscious locks all day long. And this stuff just lasts and lasts, you can purchase the 200ml here.

Although in my opinion it doesn't smell much like whipped cream, it smells so much better! Think sugary goodness mixed with marshmallows and butter cream, like a foamy Merry Marshmallow Yankee. To date it's the only product I have ever wished to eat (and I am a proud owner of The Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory). In fact, as far as I'm concerned this product could have been a complete and utter conditioning flop and I still would have used it religiously, just for its scent!

Thankfully that's not all it has to offer. I squirt a ping-pong ball sized amount of mousse into the palm of my hand, taking care not to go overboard (mousse expands afterall!). And apply this to my clean, towel dried hair. Where I blast it with a blow dryer or allow it to dry naturally depending on how long I have before I dash out the door. Either way I find it leaves my hair, light and silky with a subtle hint of sweetness that stays throughout the day.

I also find a cheeky top up on dry, tired ends throughout the day works wonders! Sadly Milk_Shake is only available for purchase in salon, or on their website.

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