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Fickle: Love Is Temporary (Tattoos!)

Does anyone else remember when you were younger and temporary tattoos were something that came every time you bought a packet of bubble gum? I loved them and throughout the summer holiday would constantly be covered with tribal tattoos, Power Puff Girls, stars... you name it!

The only reason I am currently tattoo free is that there is no one thing I would stay fond of for the rest of my life (except possibly my cat...), I'd tire of it and regret it by the end of the month, which is why "grown up" temporary tattoos are so great. Firstly, because they are about ninety nine times more acceptable to have at the age of twenty than a Power Puff Girls temporary tattoo, secondly they come in a whole host of great designs and thirdly, you can switch them up as often as you like without any permanent damage to your skin!

 Recently Sharpie tattoos have been a big thing, in fact one of the Kardashian sisters actually had a skull and headdress drawn on that spanned her entire back - it was gorgeous! Let's just say my home-made efforts on my ankle were a little less impressive, and didn't last the night! Which is where Fickle comes in...

Fickle is essentially a website that contains all those glorious tattoos that you always dreamt of getting, but never did. The best bit is - they're temporary and last a matter of days-weeks depending upon where you place them. If you're one of those girls (or boys!) who endlessly trawls tumblr looking for the perfect tat design, then this one really is for you.

As for the service, I was really very impressed when my Maneki-Neko* tattoo designed by Charlotte Farmer arrived, first class, the very next day. All of their designs come in a pack of two for just £5 and are the perfect accessory for wild nights and festivals. You can be the bad ass inked up girl you've always wanted to be - just without the nasty, occasionally regrettable after effects! By far my favourite part of their service is the motto "love is temporary". Which in my case of blemish-free skin, is blissfully true.

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