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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Twelve Things I have Learnt at University

1. A degree is not the be all and end all.
True and a little sad considering I'm paying £9,000 per year for the privilege.

2. You can cope by yourself, remarkably well.
Regardless of what anyone thinks.

3. Sometimes the things you do alone can be more rewarding than the things you do together.
I want to have adventures by myself as well as with my friends, blogging is one of them.

4. You are not always going to get along with everyone you meet.
And that's just the way life is going to be.

5. Be a gamer, be a bookworm, be a photographer, be a blogger. Just don't be boring.
Your interests are multi-faceted.

6. Money is there to spend, not to cherish.
To an extent I am sure, but what's the point of hogging it all?

7. People are not going to always listen to you.
And that's fine, let them be them.

8. The words "long-distance-relationship" do not mean a death-sentence.
You should know.

9. There is sometimes nothing better than a good book and a cup of tea.
Just because.

10. Not drinking is okay.
Who wants a pickled liver anyway?

11. Don't be a sheep.
Sheep get eaten.
Okay so this one was technically in nursery but I feel as though it applies.

12. Be yourself and great things will happen.
By the sheer fact you are reading my ramblings, this is true.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Topshop Waterproof Liner: Ebony

When it comes to eyeliners I often switch between them, in truth because I can never find one with adequate staying power. Whether it's liquid, gel, or pencil - no matter how much I prep and prime and seal with powder - I always end up with the dreaded panda eyes by noon. However Topshop's Waterproof Liner in Ebony (£5) is the latest addition to my beauty cupboard and has quickly become one of my all-time favorite liners.

That said, I used to be a little dubious when it comes to purchasing beauty products from my favorite clothing lines, as I feel as if they're paid less attention than our much loved labels. Until, I purchased Topshop's Glow in Polished (£9) and Topshop's Lips in Saint (£8) and was blown away by the quality of the products leaving me wanting more and more. The price tags are reasonable but still one of the the more expensive brands on the highstreet for some of their products. Though I still believe that but Topshop's makeup line is somewhat of an unsung hero in the beauty community.

As one of their cheaper products, I know Topshop's Kohl Liner in Coal (£4) is a much faved and was remarkably close to purchase when I stumbled across their Topshop's Waterproof Liner in Ebony (£5) and figured for the tiny price difference it was certainly worth a try. What really blew me away with this product is just how creamy it was to apply and how unwilling it was to budge once on my waterline. Though it can be easily smudged to create a sultry smoky eye or grunge look. In the seven or so hours that I wore it the liner remained all but tattooed. To say long lasting would be an understatement, especially on my oily skin!

In fact the swatch you see above succombed to some vigorous scrubbing and wiping before agreeing to budge an inch. Thankfully, when it comes to removal I keep my beloved L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution (on offer at Boots for £3.33) close to hand that gives me makeup free eyes in just a few swipes.

Remember, if you want to purchase any of the products mentioned just click their names!

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream (50ml)* is by far the best smelling hair product that's I've ever had the pleasure of testing. It leaves a sweet lingering scent, and gives me luscious locks all day long. And this stuff just lasts and lasts, you can purchase the 200ml here.

Although in my opinion it doesn't smell much like whipped cream, it smells so much better! Think sugary goodness mixed with marshmallows and butter cream, like a foamy Merry Marshmallow Yankee. To date it's the only product I have ever wished to eat (and I am a proud owner of The Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory). In fact, as far as I'm concerned this product could have been a complete and utter conditioning flop and I still would have used it religiously, just for its scent!

Thankfully that's not all it has to offer. I squirt a ping-pong ball sized amount of mousse into the palm of my hand, taking care not to go overboard (mousse expands afterall!). And apply this to my clean, towel dried hair. Where I blast it with a blow dryer or allow it to dry naturally depending on how long I have before I dash out the door. Either way I find it leaves my hair, light and silky with a subtle hint of sweetness that stays throughout the day.

I also find a cheeky top up on dry, tired ends throughout the day works wonders! Sadly Milk_Shake is only available for purchase in salon, or on their website.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Sleek's Rose Gold Blush (£4.49) is the newest item of my collection and a beauty cult favorite. I have never tried anything from Sleek before so when this arrived moments before I dashed out the door to my exam, I just had to give it a try.

I must admit I was a little disappointed with the overall size of the product though for the price you pay the packaging looks high end with its sleek matte finish, and comes with a mirror. The shade is a dupe for the much hyped NARS Orgasm Blush, for just a teeny tiny fraction of the price. It also reminds me a lot of the cheaper Collection Powder Blush in So Pretty collection I became obsessed with in school as I do love a bit of shimmer in my blush. I find it works great in a romantic look with some light and shimmery eyeshadow and pale pink lippy.

When swatched it's not hugely pigmented - the swatch above too a few swipes to obtain - but it is very buildable so suits those of us with porcelain skin don't have to worry about looking like China Dolls and those with darker pigmentation can easily create a lightly flushed look in minutes. Though it's a bit of a cult favorite I have to say I was not hugely blown away, it's a blush, it's pretty, and it does what it says on the tin. What's more to want?

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Life Blog & Youtube!

Last night I sat in bed slowly realising that 1) I have absolutely no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life and 2) that weirdly I am okay with that.

Image credit.

For four years now I have geared myself up to be some high powered psychologist with the leather couch and latest volume of the DSM sat on a dusty bookshelf in some calmly painted office somewhere. The truth is, I don't want that anymore and it's cost me £18,000 pounds to realise it. That is not to say that I don't love the study of psychology, I do and I never would have studied another degree. Those aspirations are just not me anymore.

In order to understand this, you must understand that from a very early age I had my life planned out. I was going to attend the local primary school and from there would need to pass the 11+ in order to attend my chosen secondary school which, naturally, I would stay on until sixth form and then pass through to university. There was no other option. Postgrad, assistant psychologist, clinical psychologist. Boom. With very little wiggle room. What I did not equate for was the slow and painful realisation of the immense pressure to achieve, to have to do well and to have to have your life all planned out. And if I've had to pay £18,000 to break free of that, then so be it.

I have no idea what I want to do. I attended university for the love of my subject and stayed for my aspirations (which no longer existed) so I quickly began to reassess what I did want to do. I regressed to my childhood job aspects: a dentist, a gladiator; and then those of my early teens: a graphic designer, a photographer, a journalist but realised it was more than that. I don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life period. Your job does not define you and it is not a definitive thing.

But I think, right now, I'm okay with that. When it comes to applying for jobs at the end of the year I can apply to anything , everything and anything because I am no longer limited by this tunnel vision of the life I must lead or the strain I have to put on myself to get there. In many ways I am free for the first time and I like that, a lot.

I want to write for the love of writing, and do for the love of doing.
Not simply because someone says I must.

I know this was a little deeper and more life-based than my usual posts and I would love to know what you think of it. If you fancy a more fashion-based post why not check out my latest fashion haul over on Youtube?

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Fickle: Love Is Temporary (Tattoos!)

Does anyone else remember when you were younger and temporary tattoos were something that came every time you bought a packet of bubble gum? I loved them and throughout the summer holiday would constantly be covered with tribal tattoos, Power Puff Girls, stars... you name it!

The only reason I am currently tattoo free is that there is no one thing I would stay fond of for the rest of my life (except possibly my cat...), I'd tire of it and regret it by the end of the month, which is why "grown up" temporary tattoos are so great. Firstly, because they are about ninety nine times more acceptable to have at the age of twenty than a Power Puff Girls temporary tattoo, secondly they come in a whole host of great designs and thirdly, you can switch them up as often as you like without any permanent damage to your skin!

 Recently Sharpie tattoos have been a big thing, in fact one of the Kardashian sisters actually had a skull and headdress drawn on that spanned her entire back - it was gorgeous! Let's just say my home-made efforts on my ankle were a little less impressive, and didn't last the night! Which is where Fickle comes in...

Fickle is essentially a website that contains all those glorious tattoos that you always dreamt of getting, but never did. The best bit is - they're temporary and last a matter of days-weeks depending upon where you place them. If you're one of those girls (or boys!) who endlessly trawls tumblr looking for the perfect tat design, then this one really is for you.

As for the service, I was really very impressed when my Maneki-Neko* tattoo designed by Charlotte Farmer arrived, first class, the very next day. All of their designs come in a pack of two for just £5 and are the perfect accessory for wild nights and festivals. You can be the bad ass inked up girl you've always wanted to be - just without the nasty, occasionally regrettable after effects! By far my favourite part of their service is the motto "love is temporary". Which in my case of blemish-free skin, is blissfully true.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday #sbloggers Summary #1

Friday saw the first of hopefully many student blogger chats, it was amazing meeting so many of you! Student bloggers are unlike any other  - if you're like me you have to juggle lectures, coursework, a part time job, volunteering and of course blogging. Frankly I don't know how we all do it. Add the overdraft and the constant lack of sleep and I think we're all pretty much super women!

Today is the the first post of a new series in which each and every Sunday I am going to sum up the chat, hopefully leaving some helpful hints and tips from getting lost in the internet forever by featuring your tweets and leaving a space for you guys suggestions for the next chats.

As this was the very first, we started with a general chat where everyone just got to know each other and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you all for not leaving me alone, crazily hash tagging on twitter. To my astonishment by the end of the chat we were soon trending third in the UK. Third. Like people wanted to talk about it third most. It was like your third favorite food, which is still pretty darn yummy. Or your third favorite song. You know? I can literally not explain how blown away I was that something I had dreamt up was not only happening, but people were actually enjoying it!

Quite a few common topic suggestions were brought up and bay far the most requested was lighting, cameras - so that'll be next week's (Friday 24th January) chat to get the ball rolling. After that it'll be decided by a poll right here on my weekly  Sunday Student Summary post. Please, please, please make sure to leave your future chat suggestions in the comment below or you can tweet or e-mail or write it on my Facebook wall - it's up to you! Coming up so far we have budget busting products, managing studies and blogging, telling your friends, the big scary world of PR and SEO, meet ups, and anything else you guys can dream up.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mad for Monochrome

It's been a while since I have done a fashion-related post, so here it goes - as I am busy as a bee with my textbooks I thought I'd leave you some shopping suggestions!

There's always something classic abut black and white, whether you wear it casually thrown on with a pair of disco pants and ankle booties (like this Lou Lou Can't Stop The Love Black Cropped Tee) or dress it up with an effortless up do and statement necklace like this Black and White Crepe Eyelash Lace Playsuit - also in nude. Black can be timeless like this classic Black Shift Dress (also in Black and White Contrast) or trendy with a skater skirt, bandeau and warm tights paired with this Black Dragonfly Print Sleeveless Shirt. And I really can't stop wearing it.

Why not treat yourself with an exclusive 30% discount for all full priced items with the code LFA30, courtesy of In Love With Fashion?

Back to regular blogging next week!

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Size Me Up!

So, my feet suck. They're narrow and half size and I'm generally cursed never to be able to walk into a shop and walk out with a pair of shoes right off the bat. Ever. Or so I thought, enter Sizers, the miracle product every woman needs. And I mean every woman.

Sizers are this brilliant little invention launched during November that allow you to increase your shoe size by 1/4, 1/2 or one whole size! So whether you have incredibly awkward feet like mine or if one foot is slightly bigger than the other (don't worry it's quite natural) then you need Sizers in you life. And according to their latest poll an astounding 82% of you said that you were between shoe sizes!

I was lucky enough to be able to test out a couple of 1/2 and a whole pairs of Sizers* and my have they been useful - even with my existing shoes! But don't think you have to rush out and buy a new pair of shoes to test them on because...wait, why not? Remember those boots you bought last winter that were a teensy bit too big? NOW you can wear them! Need to go shoe shopping and convinced those new wedges won't fit? NOW they will! It is really that simple!

Now, it all sounds a bit gimmicky really doesn't it? How the addition of some little spongy inserts really can help? Well, as a picture speaks a thousand words, I figure this should have you pretty convinced (these shoes are much nicer than anything I own, anyway!)

I get quite a bit of use out of the 1/2 size and tend to use one of them in my shoes everywhere I go, making me go from a five and a half to a six so that I can wear my shoes with comfort and don't wreck the heels in the process! Whilst my knee high combat boots get the full size treatment. Sizers are surprisingly comfy with their toe cut outs and they're washable and reusable too. For just £3.99 each (including p&p and VAT) these really are a miracle product, or you can purchase all three sizes for just £9.99! Oh and did I mention free worldwide delivery?

What are you waiting for?
You'll never miss out on a killer pair of shoes again!

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Boots Beauty Haul

So this year I completely lucked out on sales shopping on account of the fact I live in the middle of absolutely nowhere, miles from the nearest bus service or town. But not to worry, I soon made up for it! I initially went in to find a MAC Mineralised Skin Finish dupe, as mentioned by Miss Makeup Magpie but could not find it anywhere in the land of Superdrug. So traveled to Boots where I met up with my wonderful friend Emily (who really needs you hurry up and get a blog of her own because a) she would be amazing at it and b) so I can link her in posts) and bought a couple of products I have been dying to test out. Full product reviews and swatches coming soon!

Though I already own quite the little collection of Maybelline Colour Tattoo's, I have been lusting after the shade Bronze On Bronze for quite some time. But could just not see a reason to purchase it, I have plenty of bronze eyeshadows that bring out the green and blue eye. As always I am expecting a long lasting shadow that's perfect for my outer corner or crease and that can be seamlessly transferred from an everyday to an evening look.

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser by Maybelline was one of the much anticipated products of 2014, and I could not wait to get my hands on it before being splurging on Benefit's Porefessional. I must say, the tube is a lot smaller than I initially anticipated but I'm hoping, as with most primers, a little goes a long way. I intend to use this anywhere  have enlarged pores such as my cheeks, nose and chin as opposed to an all over primer. I just hope it's not as hyped up as the fairly average Baby Lips.

Must I explain this? Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in the shade 107 has been a beauty cult favorite since it's release. I already adore my Kate in 01 and so was hesitant about purchasing such a similar colour from the same line and it took me months to find a stall where it wasn't sold out! I can really see why, it's a beautiful, rich matte burgundy that just screams A/W and the way this weather is going, I can get a good few months use out of it yet.

This product I entirely blame on Emily, Seventeen's Brow's That! I have been wanting a brow kit for a while but I always find it really difficult to match the shade. This comes with not only an eyebrow pencil, but a wax, brush, setting powder, highlighter, mirror and handy how-to guide and best of all it was an absolute steal. This is the perfect all-in-one travelling brow kit!

I also picked up a spot of late night reading too.
Have a read of the wonderful Emily's blog here!

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