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Real Techniques Dupes!

Professional Cosmetic Stipple Fiber Powder Blush Brush Foundation Makeup Tool - Pink £1.78 // Bronze £1.85.

First, a confession (and please, do not lynch me for saying this, but...) I am not completely head-over-heels for the Real Techniques Brushes. In fact, after purchasing the Core Collection a few months back I was left feeling a little disappointed after the much hyped set. My gripe? They're. Not. Soft. I like applying my makeup to be a pleasant, pampering experience and, as one of the more expensive drugstore brushes, in my opinion they just don't feel like it.

So what miracle brushes do I use that give Real Techniques a run for their money? My beloved twelve piece brush set I purchased from ASDA - yes, ASDA - three or four years ago now, for the remarkable price of just ten pounds. They're super soft and have kept brilliantly so that they're still a staple part of my daily routine today. To those who say cheap brushes are prone to shedding or just generally lacking in quality, I say you're looking in all the wrong places...

In comparison to my Real Techniques Buffing Brush (left and bottom right) and Real Techniques Contour Brush (top right).

I stumbled across these fantastic Real Techniques dupes for just a fraction of the price of the real thing (Pink £1.78 // Bronze £1.85) I just had to try them, and I'd been looking for a good stippling brush for what seems like an age!

Admittedly, my Real Techniques are in need of a good ol' clean but you can see the similarities. Covered in the same metallic casing, the dupes differ only in their conical bottom so that they're able to stand up, unlike Real Techniques. This comes in real handy whilst you're swapping between brushes whilst doing your makeup or if you don't have a brush holder. And they're a whole lot softer too!

Fluffy brushes! Real Techniques in nude, dupes in grey.

For the price you simply can't beat them, I've just gone and purchased two more! Even if they start to shed after a couple of months, for less than two pounds a piece they're still an absolute steal, and a fabulous addition to anyone's makeup kit!

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