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Monday, 30 December 2013

Blog Birthday Surprise!

I spent a significant part of today planning my next new project (as some of you will know by my excited tweets!). Without giving away too many spoilers, it's something I've been wanting to do for a while now and, well I figure I might as well just go for it. I have my supplies flying cross country as we speak but wanted to wait until the 28th of January to finally tell you guys, because:

1. it's just after I finish my exams
2. it'll be my 6th month blogging anniversary
- so what better time to launch something new!

I'm really trying to avoid any spoilers here but it's something that I've been really passionate about for a long, long time and I hope you guys can now enjoy it with me! The only person I have told is my Mum, who believes that as far as my hair brained ideas go (and believe me, I have plenty!), this one isn't half bad. So stay tuned and write the 28th of January into your calendars lovelies! And who knows, there may be a few instagram spoilers coming up very shortly.

Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to do this, I couldn't thank each and every one of you enough!

Any ideas what it is yet?

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Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask

As a teen I had problematic skin to say the least, it seemed everything I put on it broke me out: face wash broke me out, so I purchased some concealer which - you guessed it - further broke me out - which then lead to foundation... It was never ending! All I wanted was something that didn't break me out or dry out my skin - I wanted something that worked that I could reasonably purchase with my pocket money. Several years late, after suffering through product, after product, after product - I've found it!

I first heard about Amie Skincare back in the days of lipgloss and Sugar magazine. It was shortly after the company had established and you couldn't pick the product up anywhere in my small town, and I wasn't quite old enough to have sussed out internet shopping.

But what really stuck with me was how the brand was created, and I still remember that to this day (even if I did have to refresh the names a little). The line was created by ex-Estee Lauder Exec Fiona Parkhouse for her daughter Samantha who was suffering from extra-oliness and breakouts (just like me, and probably millions of other teens!) and she was also having problems with the current harsh or abrasive skincare that was currently on the market. I really empathised with this girl, heck I was this girl and maybe that's why I jumped at the chance of reviewing one of their products.

So does it work? I received the Amie Spring Deep Cleansing Mask* (£5.95) in the mail, beautifully wrapped in pink tissue and it felt like Christmas. Would this be the miracle product I'd been waiting for? In short, no. There isn't and will never be a miracle skin product (that I have discovered!) and that is something I'll have to come to terms with inbetween the spots and the wrinkles - gosh we girls really have it bad don't we? But for now, I'll settle for something that comes pretty close.

I tend to use this whilst I'm in the bath, the steam helps open your pores so that the're easier to cleanse. Bubbles, candles and paperback at the ready I sat back and relaxed. Breathing in the beautiful minty freshness. The mask dries very quickly and makes it rather difficult to talk once applied (so no long winded phone calls advised!).

Ten minutes later, I removed the reminisce of the mask and it left my skin feeling beautifully soft and refreshed. Some skin treatments can be particularly abrasive, doing a fantastic job but leaving your skin red raw and blotchy. I am happy to say, this is not one of those masks. It's perfect for when you're dashing out the door in a half hour and want a last minute pampering session, or as a late-night stress buster. It's luxurious enough to be a treat but gentle enough to become part of your weekly routine.

The mask launches at Waitrose stores next month!

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

2014 Beauty Wishlist

2014 Beauty Wishlist
From left to right: Barry M Flawless Finish Foundation in the shade If1 // Benefit Porefessional // Barry M Matte Palette // Rimmel London Apocalips in the shade Big Bang // Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay // Mac Lipstick in Viva La Glam // Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten // MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry.

And some additions...

Sleek Garden of Eden Palette // Stila One Step Correct Brightening Serum

Beauty UK Baked Box in the shade Halo // MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in 107 // Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Perfect Nude


I was heartbroken when I found out Dainty Doll no longer exists but it doesn't mean I have fallen out of love with their products. As you guys will know I'm a complete and utter nude lipstick junkie at the moment and this has to be one of my favorites, Dainty Doll's Lipstick in the shade Baby Love 006 (RRP: £12.50 but you can pick them up for just a few pounds on eBay at the moment).

I love the line, especially their nudes (Baby Love, Storm in a Teacup, Stripped), they enhance my fairer skin without making me look positively ghostly. They're the perfect shade subtle, pretty and very, very classic!

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Real Techniques Dupes!

Professional Cosmetic Stipple Fiber Powder Blush Brush Foundation Makeup Tool - Pink £1.78 // Bronze £1.85.

First, a confession (and please, do not lynch me for saying this, but...) I am not completely head-over-heels for the Real Techniques Brushes. In fact, after purchasing the Core Collection a few months back I was left feeling a little disappointed after the much hyped set. My gripe? They're. Not. Soft. I like applying my makeup to be a pleasant, pampering experience and, as one of the more expensive drugstore brushes, in my opinion they just don't feel like it.

So what miracle brushes do I use that give Real Techniques a run for their money? My beloved twelve piece brush set I purchased from ASDA - yes, ASDA - three or four years ago now, for the remarkable price of just ten pounds. They're super soft and have kept brilliantly so that they're still a staple part of my daily routine today. To those who say cheap brushes are prone to shedding or just generally lacking in quality, I say you're looking in all the wrong places...

In comparison to my Real Techniques Buffing Brush (left and bottom right) and Real Techniques Contour Brush (top right).

I stumbled across these fantastic Real Techniques dupes for just a fraction of the price of the real thing (Pink £1.78 // Bronze £1.85) I just had to try them, and I'd been looking for a good stippling brush for what seems like an age!

Admittedly, my Real Techniques are in need of a good ol' clean but you can see the similarities. Covered in the same metallic casing, the dupes differ only in their conical bottom so that they're able to stand up, unlike Real Techniques. This comes in real handy whilst you're swapping between brushes whilst doing your makeup or if you don't have a brush holder. And they're a whole lot softer too!

Fluffy brushes! Real Techniques in nude, dupes in grey.

For the price you simply can't beat them, I've just gone and purchased two more! Even if they start to shed after a couple of months, for less than two pounds a piece they're still an absolute steal, and a fabulous addition to anyone's makeup kit!

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Monday, 16 December 2013

UNiDAYS Santa's Little Helper

Hello lovelies! If you've stumbled upon this post from my festive DIY Guest Blog for UNiDAYS, then welcome! And if you haven't already read it you can check out how to make my famous stain glass window biscuits (as voted by you!) here!


I had so much fun making them, and, as per working with the lovely people from UNiDAYS. Here is the high resolution recipe list, so you can make your very own! Click on the photo to enlarge it,and then select Save As...

Check back soon for some more festive DIYs!

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Friday, 13 December 2013

DIY Hair Bows

**Next week is deadline week so I'm a little pushed for time at the moment, instead I thought I would share with you a post I wrote for UNiDAYS earlier in the summer - they'd make great Xmas gifts! Enjoy - I'll be back soon!**

Hello UNiDAYS! My name's Charley, I'm a nineteen year old student who can usually be found blogging away over at Rambling of a Beauty Blogger but for the month of October I'll be bringing you exclusive DIYs every weekend showing you how to make beautiful things for just a fraction of what they cost in the stores!

Today's DIY is all about hair bows. Picture this: It's the Monday Morning after a very eventful weekend, you've woken up late and have to choose between the usual battle of taming your hair or a pit stop at the SU for a nice cup of tea. It's a no brainer! I for one cannot be bothered to fuss with my un-tamable locks, especially first thing in the morning! So my hair is usually down, rocking it's natural waves, which after a while become completely and utterly dull. So why not make something quick and easy that not only looks great but will save you countless time in the morning!

Hair bows have been a huge trend throughout the summer and I've amassed quite the collection. The only problem is, when I went to reach for one last week I realised they were all a little on the summer side. So instead of spending hours hunting for just the right one, I decided to try my had at making my very own and was delighted when I found out just how easy it was!

1. For my scrap fabric I used the remainder of a pair of old jeans that I'd already recycled into a pair of bleached distressed denim cut offs during the summer months. At this point, it doesn't matter about being particularly neat or measuring out the material - just make sure it has at least an inch in excess on each side from your ideal bow size. To get a bow that holds its shape well, it's best to use a large piece of fabric and fold it multiple times before you start or use a thicker material such as denim. For a more flexible bow a single piece of fabric will do.

2. Flip the material over to what will become the back of the bow. This is where all the messy gluing will happen that won't be seen from the front. Fold in each of the sides and glue them down, creating four neat sides. Don't worry if it's a bit uneven, you can always chop off or fold in the excess. If your sides can be see from the front of the bow, trim them or fold them inwards before gluing.

3. You should be left with a very neat rectangle of material. Flip the bow over to its front and pinch in the middle - creating creases.

4. Glue the creases to fix them in place and pinch until dry. If you're using fabric glue I'd recommend using a clothes peg, else you could be waiting a while! If your glue spills out over the sides, don't worry - most glue guns and fabric glue will dry clear, and we're about to cover this in the next step anyway.

5. Cut an extra piece of fabric to glue around the centre of the bow to hide the glue. You could either cut another strip of denim (if your using jeans like me) or if you wanted something a little different, you could gut the seam from the leg. If you want to attach your bow to a hair bobble - make sure to add it in before gluing the strip  in place, making sure that the join is at the back of your bow.

6. If you want to fix your bow to a hair grip you can do this easily whilst the glue is still warm by slipping it under the fabric strip or you can glue on a hair clip or a hair band.

7.  Get creative! This is my favorite bow so far, I used I've even decorated them using fabric paint and a glittery topcoat in the place of glitter spray (Revlon Nail Enamel in the shade Stunning 340) which looks gorgeous when it catches the light!

I love to wear mine by tying the top section of my hair into a loose ponytail for support, and then clipping in the bow. I've made countless of these things out of denim, cotton and lace. You can add these to anything - purses, pencil cases and even use them for jewellery!

If you make your own DIY Hair Bow, be sure to tweet me a picture @charleylucy!

Stay tuned for more DIYs next week!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Hello Youtube - Lush Haul!

Does anyone remember that little poll as to whether Rambling of a Beauty Blogger should venture over to Youtube? Probably not... but it happened anyway! Sadly I did have to change my channel name as Rambling of a Beauty was a tad too long and my old reliably CharleyLucy was long gone, so without further ado, welcome to my new channel - CharleyLucify!

Here is my first actual sat down talking video for you guys. I know it's far from perfect and took my forever to film but I really hope you guys enjoy it. Please leave your constructive criticism and requests in the comments below - I can't wait to hear what you think, good or bad, I made this for you guys! It was so much fun to film (you should have seen the outtakes!) and was great to finally sit down and talk to you for a change.

Read my entire review of the Lush Lip Tints here and Jackie Oates here.

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Lush Lip Tint Haul & Review!

In my most recent Lush haul I picked up two of their beautiful lip tints: It Started With a Kiss (How did it end up like this? Mr Brighside? No?) and Latte - the perfect stocking fillers this festive season! They sell for £5.50 each which seems a little pricey to me for these tiny pots, but in actual fact you actually get a lot more product for your money than most high street lip sticks such as the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipsticks (£5.49 ~ 4g) and the Topshop Lips range (£8.00 ~ 3g). Bonus!

Also props for my nifty product placement of my staple Primark tartan scarf - the must have of the season!

Let's start with my favorite of the two, Latte. The packaging is both simple and cute but it's easy to dent if left at the bottom of your handbag - oops! That said I think this product is absolutely amazing! I initially bought it after fan girling over the MaxFactor Flipstick in red and gold for so long and though that I could achieve a similar effect with my own bright reds and a hint of this little beauty to finish. It's extremely pigmented to the point where I was started just how little product I needed! Latte really is beautiful when worn both over the top of a bright pop of red, to give it a festive twist, or by itself for a nude sheen.

In the tub it looks stunning and only adds fire to the fuel with my rose gold addiction. But what really struck me was the smell - it's very difficult to describe with hints of almond, coffee and vanilla as well as icing sugar! But the overall effect is slightly leathery (in my, probably completely wrong) opinion and I really can't get enough of it! Hands down one of my favorite products of 2013, once again Lush you have well and truly nailed it!
I'll admit I was slightly disappointed with It Started With a Kiss. I don't think it has nearly as much impact and is certainly lacking in the pigment department, but that doesn't mean I was put off it's lovely "just bitten" look. It's definitely a lot more wearable than the shade in the tub and the perfect colour for spring.

As is the scent, it's is a lot fruitier than the rich, leathery sweetness of Latte and includes Coconut, Red Apple, Rose and Orange, in fact there is a whole host of scents - this product really packs a punch! I'm instantly transported back to childhood fairs with humongous shiny red toffee apples that you can never quite finish.

The only negative I can think of is the frankly bizarre texture of the two, which lies somewhere between a balm and shoe polish (as you can see on my finger), it's a little odd. All in all I would buy these two again, that is if I ever actually run out of the stuff - it seems to last forever! And I can't wait to try out the rest of Lush's Lip Tint range.

What are your favorite Lush products this season?

Stay tuned for the rest of the haul - coming soon!

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