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Ombre Bonfire Nails

My favorite autumn trend (bar tartan, of course) is metallic nails. I don't have a whole lot of time to spend on mine but when I do I like them to make an impact. Here's how to recreate my Bonfire Night inspired nails that got so much love on instagram yesterday! They remind me so very much of what I pictured Katniss' when I read the first part of the Hunger Games trilogy (who else will be heading off to see Catching Fire late in the month?)

I created this look using two polishes I picked up from the wonderful Bead's of Jade's blog sale (still open here!) earlier in the season:

For the ombre effect I'd typically use a sponge but it can get very messy and, as I didn't have one to hand I decided to attempt it with the lacquer brush itself and was very pleasantly surprised with the result (especially considering long past my bedtime at this point!). I absolutely can't wait to try this with a shimmering silver and gun metal or a mint green and baby blue in the spring!

What's your favorite seasonal nail polish?

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