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Lush Jackie Oates Colour Supplement Review

Being pale is both a blessing and a curse. Okay, so mainly it's a curse. I can barely find a foundation for my skin tone, let alone a BB cream as they typically come in two or three broad umbrella shades. I'd had my eve on this product for a while but decided for £8.95 a tub I'd look elsewhere for a cheaper solution. Put simply, there just isn't one!

I suffer from occasional breakouts and my skin errs on the sensitive side, some of the chemicals creams or foundations can break me out in a matter of days so it's incredibly refreshing to find that Lush's Jackie Oates Colour Supplement that contains all these wonderful natural ingredients such as oatmilk, honey and aloevera to cool skin and reduce redness.

I use this either mixed with my moisturiser for light coverage or by itself, dab on a couple of spots of concealer and I'm fresh faces and ready for the day! Plus I smell gloriously of oats (making me crave porridge constantly).

As for the coverage I wouldn't say it was spectacular. If you suffer from acne damaged skin or hyper pigmentation or just prefer fuller coverage then I'd say this definitely isn't for you, opt for something more pigmented. But if like me, you suffer from occasional breakouts that can be dealt with a quick swipe of concealer then this is a great way of getting a fresh and glowing look to the rest of your face.

The only flaw I would point out is that if you're using it straight from the tub I find you don't get a lot of usage for your pennies, but when mixed with my moisturiser in the palm of my hand (Simple's Hydrating Moisturiser) I find I can make it stretch a little longer.

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