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You guys KNOW it's been a hectic week for me with staring university but I've actually been helping out with Freshers too - getting them settled in and helping out the student union. It's been fab and worthwhile work! I am literally astonished about how much I have grown as a person since last year, it's made me reflect a lot on my experience as a Fresher, what I did and what I wish I'd have done differently. This week I've become part of the university's online newspaper (thanks to blogging!) and am hoping to run for one of the positions in one of the societies too. As well as joining the gym, applying for volunteering and just generally trying to have time for those little things like eating and sleeping. My life right now is just so busy!

I feel like it's been so long since I've been able to just sit down and type. Things here are quite literally crazy I am frequently running to and from uni changing uniforms and attending meet ups, even getting a fair amount of free pizza too - it's been a blast! I promise my weeks won't always be as busy as this but until then you guys are just going to have to bear with me (please!). My last shift is on Friday and I will be gutted to leave but it's been one heck of an amazing week and it's only half way through. For me, helping out at the Student Union has actually made Freshers round two even better than I have hoped for and I've met so many amazing new people. I can't wait to see what the next couple of days will bring.

Until then,

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