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MUA vs. Urban Decay

I have not so secretly adored my room mate's Urban Decay Smoked palette for so months now, so when I saw something similar with these beautiful autumnal shades - of course I grabbed it! Little did I know it was MUA's new Smokin' palette, the most recent of their dupes from the Urban Decay Line (Smoked Palette). I didn't realise just how close a match the colours were until I compared them! I already own the Naked 2 palette dupe (Undress Mee Too) and the Matte Pallet so this made the perfect addition.

We swatched, we tried, we tested and there is literally slim difference. I was even pleasantly surprised at just how pigmented the eyeliner was from the MUA palette! The only two colours that I would say variate even slightly are Fantasy/Backdoor - the matte brown - and Unleash/Evidence - the royal blue - but they are still amazing dupes. With an astounding £30 difference I was speechless and so was my housemate! The colours last throughtout the day or even for a night out!

Recently I have been applying  one of the two neutral shades (Glory/Boudoir) across the eyelid and smoking the outer corner with Ghost (the shimmery grey/brown). To add a pop of colour I used a dampened eyeliner brush with one of the more colourful shades and swipe it under my eye to make it really pop. It's an autumnal twist to my summery Colour Pop Tutorial.

Have you fallen in love with MUA yet?

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