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More MUA Lipstick!

Recently I have been really trying to get out of my makeup comfort zone which basically consists of winged eyeliner and a dark burgundy lip as well as the basics such as blush, concealer, mascara, etc.This has meant I have amassed a string of new products ranging from lilac lippys to new bronzers and matte eyeshadow palettes - simply so I can try something new!

One of my recent purchases have been the MUA Lipstick in the shade 9. I thought it looked beautiful in the tube but no sooner had that crossed my mind did they thought: "You'll never be able to pull that off". For the sake of £1 I thought I'd get it to test out. That's what I love about MUA, so what if they staying power does not rival that of MAC? You get to try something new for a rock bottom price - if it works, great, you can start to look for other similar shades, if it doesn't why not just pass it on to your best friend? For the sake of a pound you can't really go wrong!

I have adored the way this lipstick looks on my lips. it's beautiful and shimmery, somewhere between a nude and a bronze. You can wear it alone or over the top of lipstick to give a MaxFactor Flipstick finish (a product I have envied from day one). I'll definitely be travelling to my local MUA counter this weekend to check out another out of my comfort zone lipstick for next week!

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