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Fizzled Out Laptop

To all my wonderful readers,

For the past few days I have been technologically challenged (hence the complete lack of posts!) as my laptop fan is currently going through a hard time. I have stripped the whole thing down, isolated the troublemaker and should be back up and running in just a couple of days time. But until then, I apologise for being AWOL, it's completely out of my hands and down to that of the postal service at the moment!

This down time has lead to the creation of some more fabulous product reviews - and product buying! - and I promise you when I come back the wait will be worth it! In the meantime why now check out my DIY guest posts on UNiDAYS THE EDIT (you're going to have to google it I'm afraid - I am literally that depraved of technology right now that this is getting written on my almost-clapped-out mobile phone). UNiDAYS have been absolutely lovely to have me (I have another 2 weeks of guest posting left) and I can't tell you just how much fun it's been sharing my weird little DIY projects with the world. I must be one of the few non-design students with a glue gun and spare fabric in her room!

This brings me to another topic that I would really like to get your guys opinion on. If you've read the posts you know I've been making small accessories and jewellery in my spare time for a while now - and if you haven't well, go read them! I am a natural born bargain hunter and through I dedicated a large portion of my time to beauty blogging, I really do enjoy how creative and freeing making your own things can be. My personal motto I've adopted for this goes something like, I have to make it with materials that are readily accessible for everyone whilst also making it for less than the item retails for in the stores - my hair bows for example - often setting myself a 5 or 10 pound limit depending on the piece. Which brings me to what I need your help with!

Do you want to see more DIY posts?

What about an ETSY shop with my designs (as suggested by the lovely Olivia from UNiDAYS)?

Hopefully see you all again soon (I have missed you guys!) hence the very long winded life blog here, it basically wrote itself. It's made me realise how large a part of my life blogging is and how I never want to leave it. What's going on with you?

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