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Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self

Dear me,

I know you are currently having a killer time in Venezia with your Year 11 art set - and that's great. You're sixteen now. Even if the very first thing you attempted to do once touching down in the UK failed miserably (the lottery ticket kiosk was closed) - but this doesn't mean that everything you set out to do this year will be a miserable failure.

For example, you know that strange boy you added on Facebook just a few weeks ago, you know, the one who you thought had really cool hair. Yes, him. You're going to become absurdly and irrevocably attached to that poor boy over the next four years. He'll put up with you dying that hair of yours various shades of red (by the way, don't worry that absurd bob and fringe you had cut will painstakingly grow out over time and you'll have learnt a very valuable lesson in the process, namely never to do it again. Ever).

On the down side you're pretty much never going to be any taller than you are now and will forever have those half-size just too narrow feet that will become a huge drain on your bank balance. Good luck with that. Especially as this year, you're going to have a string of tweenie birthday parties (in which Smirnoff Ice is considered positively taboo) in which a lot of your friends will make a whole bunch of bad kissing decisions whilst you sit on the sidelines but all that level headed thinking will do you good some day, or so I'm told.

No matter what you think you will get through GCSE (and A-level) art and come up with some quite 'profound' and 'off the wall' pieces which OCR subsequently snatch up and take on tour. I hope you realise this means you will never see them again. Much like people refuse to be seen with you ice skating ever again, Miss Bambi on ice. However, this doesn't stop you having an absolute blast of a year with some truly awesome people. It's a shame it doesn't last...

Talk to you when you're 17.

(cause that's how we spell our name now)

P.S I'd like to thank my wonderful flatmate Hannah for the late night fruit tea teen talk that inspired this post. You're the only person whose 16th year was more mortifying than my own. Just.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

#Bloggoween Giveaway

Hello beauties! As a wonderful reward for taking part in #Bloggoween Eyelure, Collection and Paper Doll have come together to donate some fabulous gievaway prizes! With some still on their way...

Collection were even nice enough to provide this beautiful vamp nail polish tutorial that you can create using your two new nail polishes (you might need to click to enlarge)...

If you want to be in with a chance of winning you must have participates in #Bloggoween - you have until the 31st October to enter with your favorite Halloween posts! So what are you waiting for...

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#Bloggoween is finally here! I'm so excited to read all your lovely posts, and here's my little DIY for those of you who have absolutely no budget, costume or time to spare. In fact, the total cost of my outfit was just £1 and that's only because I couldn't bear to part with my beloved black tee. It's perfect for all ages and takes less than half an hour (make-up included!)- are you listening yet?

First up we have the no sew ripped rib cage tee than takes about 15 minutes to prepare. It's is ridiculously easy to make - you'll never be without a costume again! All you need is...

An old black t-shirt
(Optional: Ruler and Chalk/Gel Pen for precision)

Simply trace a rough rib cage shape onto the back of the t-shirt and cut across the horizontal lines - leaving the 'spine' in tact. Now 'stretch each of the horizontal strips until taught. The messier the cutting and stretching the better! If you have time remember to stick the t-shirt into the wash before wearing to remove those pesky guidelines!


Now for the makeup - I don't think I've ever completed a look so quickly in my life! Take a matte black eyeshadow and sweep it over the eyes and in the contours of your cheeks, blending well. A simple take on the skull. If you have any black lipstick that's great, but don't be afraid to reach for your favorite eyeliner if in need. If you have a bit more time on your hands, I'd highly recommend some false lashes pairs with a bit of glitter!

As for the hair, mine is naturally wavy and constantly messy - it usually resembles a bird's nest. So it really wasn't mush of a stretch to sweep it up into a messy high ponytail and draw it forward over the rest of my head to give me more of a frizzbob look. I added the bow for cuteness.

And that's all there is to it really! I'm sure you've painstakingly spent hours fiddling over the teeniest smudges por out of place hair but year after year I find myself with the same costume dilemma - what on earth do I wear with an hour to go?! I hope you enjoyed reading my #Bloggoween post and I that it helps some of you. I can't wait to read all yours - to see a list of those taking part and add your links, check out my Bloggoween giveaway post here. And don't forget to follow the chat on twitter using the hash tag!


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#Bloggoween Blog Hop!

Here's the list of confirmed #Bloggoween bloggers as of the 17th of October. But I know there are a lot more of you out there, so feel free to add your links in the comments below and I'll add them to the list as I don't want to miss any of your lovely posts!

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

MUA vs. Urban Decay

I have not so secretly adored my room mate's Urban Decay Smoked palette for so months now, so when I saw something similar with these beautiful autumnal shades - of course I grabbed it! Little did I know it was MUA's new Smokin' palette, the most recent of their dupes from the Urban Decay Line (Smoked Palette). I didn't realise just how close a match the colours were until I compared them! I already own the Naked 2 palette dupe (Undress Mee Too) and the Matte Pallet so this made the perfect addition.

We swatched, we tried, we tested and there is literally slim difference. I was even pleasantly surprised at just how pigmented the eyeliner was from the MUA palette! The only two colours that I would say variate even slightly are Fantasy/Backdoor - the matte brown - and Unleash/Evidence - the royal blue - but they are still amazing dupes. With an astounding £30 difference I was speechless and so was my housemate! The colours last throughtout the day or even for a night out!

Recently I have been applying  one of the two neutral shades (Glory/Boudoir) across the eyelid and smoking the outer corner with Ghost (the shimmery grey/brown). To add a pop of colour I used a dampened eyeliner brush with one of the more colourful shades and swipe it under my eye to make it really pop. It's an autumnal twist to my summery Colour Pop Tutorial.

Have you fallen in love with MUA yet?

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Shop Stylight!

Morning beauties! Long time no speak!

A few weeks ago I I discovered Stylight. The only problem is that now, I can't seem to stay off it! Stylight is a fashion and trend based website that allows you to create and shop for your favorite looks. It's a huge part of the blogger community (especially for all you #fbloggers!) I can't believe I was missing out on!

One of my favorites is the Red-Scarf look by magnifiqueblog. I completely 'heart' this look! It's perfect for autumn! But what's great about Stylight is that you get to see a breakdown of the outfit and with just a few clicks can be  ready to purchase it from the retailer - how great is that? (Answer: probably not so great for our bank cards!).

Scarf: £265.00 found at Monnier Frères | Jeans: £21.00 on SALE found at Stylepit | Jacket: £280.00 found at Zalando.

It's the PERFECT place for fashion inspiration as you can also view trending looks like this Flower Girl by Kenzas and Salzburg by Irenescloset. There's even a section for you fashion conscious men out there! There is quite literally something for everyone budget, every season and every style. Even if you just use it to inspire what you already own - Stylight is where all you #fbloggers need to be!

There's even an adorable online magazine to help you stay up to date even when your schedule is crazy (this is now my religious morning coffee read) it's packed with interviews, events and competitions too! Better yet why not take a look at the Stylight iPhone app for all this and more on the go?

I'd love to hear about your favorite outfits from the site in the comments below!

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Friday, 11 October 2013

More MUA Lipstick!

Recently I have been really trying to get out of my makeup comfort zone which basically consists of winged eyeliner and a dark burgundy lip as well as the basics such as blush, concealer, mascara, etc.This has meant I have amassed a string of new products ranging from lilac lippys to new bronzers and matte eyeshadow palettes - simply so I can try something new!

One of my recent purchases have been the MUA Lipstick in the shade 9. I thought it looked beautiful in the tube but no sooner had that crossed my mind did they thought: "You'll never be able to pull that off". For the sake of £1 I thought I'd get it to test out. That's what I love about MUA, so what if they staying power does not rival that of MAC? You get to try something new for a rock bottom price - if it works, great, you can start to look for other similar shades, if it doesn't why not just pass it on to your best friend? For the sake of a pound you can't really go wrong!

I have adored the way this lipstick looks on my lips. it's beautiful and shimmery, somewhere between a nude and a bronze. You can wear it alone or over the top of lipstick to give a MaxFactor Flipstick finish (a product I have envied from day one). I'll definitely be travelling to my local MUA counter this weekend to check out another out of my comfort zone lipstick for next week!

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fizzled Out Laptop

To all my wonderful readers,

For the past few days I have been technologically challenged (hence the complete lack of posts!) as my laptop fan is currently going through a hard time. I have stripped the whole thing down, isolated the troublemaker and should be back up and running in just a couple of days time. But until then, I apologise for being AWOL, it's completely out of my hands and down to that of the postal service at the moment!

This down time has lead to the creation of some more fabulous product reviews - and product buying! - and I promise you when I come back the wait will be worth it! In the meantime why now check out my DIY guest posts on UNiDAYS THE EDIT (you're going to have to google it I'm afraid - I am literally that depraved of technology right now that this is getting written on my almost-clapped-out mobile phone). UNiDAYS have been absolutely lovely to have me (I have another 2 weeks of guest posting left) and I can't tell you just how much fun it's been sharing my weird little DIY projects with the world. I must be one of the few non-design students with a glue gun and spare fabric in her room!

This brings me to another topic that I would really like to get your guys opinion on. If you've read the posts you know I've been making small accessories and jewellery in my spare time for a while now - and if you haven't well, go read them! I am a natural born bargain hunter and through I dedicated a large portion of my time to beauty blogging, I really do enjoy how creative and freeing making your own things can be. My personal motto I've adopted for this goes something like, I have to make it with materials that are readily accessible for everyone whilst also making it for less than the item retails for in the stores - my hair bows for example - often setting myself a 5 or 10 pound limit depending on the piece. Which brings me to what I need your help with!

Do you want to see more DIY posts?

What about an ETSY shop with my designs (as suggested by the lovely Olivia from UNiDAYS)?

Hopefully see you all again soon (I have missed you guys!) hence the very long winded life blog here, it basically wrote itself. It's made me realise how large a part of my life blogging is and how I never want to leave it. What's going on with you?

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Thursday, 3 October 2013


You guys KNOW it's been a hectic week for me with staring university but I've actually been helping out with Freshers too - getting them settled in and helping out the student union. It's been fab and worthwhile work! I am literally astonished about how much I have grown as a person since last year, it's made me reflect a lot on my experience as a Fresher, what I did and what I wish I'd have done differently. This week I've become part of the university's online newspaper (thanks to blogging!) and am hoping to run for one of the positions in one of the societies too. As well as joining the gym, applying for volunteering and just generally trying to have time for those little things like eating and sleeping. My life right now is just so busy!

I feel like it's been so long since I've been able to just sit down and type. Things here are quite literally crazy I am frequently running to and from uni changing uniforms and attending meet ups, even getting a fair amount of free pizza too - it's been a blast! I promise my weeks won't always be as busy as this but until then you guys are just going to have to bear with me (please!). My last shift is on Friday and I will be gutted to leave but it's been one heck of an amazing week and it's only half way through. For me, helping out at the Student Union has actually made Freshers round two even better than I have hoped for and I've met so many amazing new people. I can't wait to see what the next couple of days will bring.

Until then,

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Passionate for Purples

I've always been one for the deep wine's and rich burgundy's of autumn. But I've never actually owned a purple lipstick until today. And now, I have two to choose from.

Nivea Volume Shine Pure Diamond Lipstick in the shade 66 Mauve Parure. I deemed this lipstick too pretty to touch to my  lips until I had photographed it for blogging purposes. I just love it's multifaceted design. It seems to be the in thing to decorate the lipstick itself, such as in MUA's One Direction Line. I feel really guilty when I finally touch it to my lips and swipe away the pattern.
The NEW Rimmel's Moisture Renew in the shade 380 Dark Night Waterl-oops! (£6.49). This was handed down to me by fellow beauty blogger Becky over at The Confessions of a Shopaholic. Who has known of my love for deep lipstick shades ever since we met a year ago. The packaging for the new collection is translucent as opposed to opaque and feels a bit, dare I say cheap, in comparison.

 However the shade is simply perfect! It's dark and daring and the name is darling. You can read about the new ten lipstick collection of Fleur De Force's blog - they're beautiful!

Though I haven't had time to full review the lipsticks yet I can tell you they were a pain to remove after swatching!

What are your favorite purple picks for autumn lipstick this year?

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