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The Starting Off Project: Foundation Greatest Hits

Foundation wasn't a staple product of my morning routine on and off since I was fourteen. This means that I have tried a lot of foundations out overtime. Looking back, I really didn't need all that clogging up my pores each day. I actually think it gave me more trouble than help and I only really started getting spots once I started regularly using foundation, something I couldn't quite see at the time. Then I would run out or forget to repurchase it and live off concealer for months before switching back.

As you guys know I have super pale porcelain coloured skin and to say it's an absolute pain to find foundation that matches would be an understatement. Five years later and I have still only found two that come close: NYC's All Day Long Smooth Skin Foundation in the shade 737 Classic Ivory and Dainty Dolls Liquid Foundation in 003 - the only range that I am not the lightest shade. In this post I thought I'd take you back through my foundation 'greatest hits' from when I had just started using makeup.

Miss Sporty's Light Energy Foundation & Miss Sporty's So Clear Foundation
Miss Sporty's Light Energy, is the first foundation I remember properly using everyday for school. I think they've rebranded it now to So Energetic Foundation.  I remember the product being very liquidy and smelling strangely pleasant for a foundation. This was before I had even gotten sponges, so I used my hands to apply it. I used to make such a mess and get foundationy fingerprints everywhere! I would move onto Miss Sporty's So Clear Foundation which I remember being pretty similar - I actually still use the concealer for problematic areas of my face today.
Maybelliene's Dream Matte Mousse
I remember when this launched, all the cool kids had it. It was the foundation to have. I must have repurchased tons of this even though it made me break out horribly and was a tad too orange for my skin at its lightest. But I found the finish kept my oily skin well covered and matte all day long, even if it did look a like cakey in places. At £7.69 this was a tough habit to keep up with a pocket money budget so after a few months of wear and two or three repurchases, this was a habit I quickly (and thankfully!) ditched.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation
You're probably sat there expecting a glowing review - just like I gave Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in last week's edition of #theSOproject but I'm a afraid this is not the case! My local didn't stock the lightest of the shades so I ended up buying shade 002 Vanilla which, once again, was too dark for my fair skin. As the day went on I found my skin progressively more oily and it transferred quite a bit. Didn't stop me repurchasing it a fair few times though! At £5.99 (often on offer for £3.99 or less) how could I refuse?

Hope you've learnt from some of my foundation horror stories. Stay tuned for more #theSOproject posts next Tuesday at 6pm!

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