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Starting University: How to Avoid Freshers Flu

Good morning soon-to-be Freshers! Today I have some excellent tips for you, all about...

Eat Healthy! I'm talking fruit and vegetables here! If you're not sure how to cook then go grab a carton of orange juice and pour yourself a glass of vitamin C. For my first month at university, I knew I was going to want to be everywhere but in the kitchen so I purchased Bassett's Soft and Chewy Multivitamins With Minerals & Prebiotic Nutrients Pastilles (30 pack, £4.69 at Boots) - they're currently on a 3 for 2! Sadly, multivitamins are only going to help if you actually remember to take them. Doh!

Get Enough Sleep! With all those late nights and the excitement of your first week it'll be hard to get enough sleep. However, sleep is essential for repairing the immune system and not getting enough of it means that you are even more susceptible to all those little nasties. If you've ever needed an excuse to lie in, this is it! Claire's Accessories are currently selling some adorable sleep masks like the one pictured.

Protect Yourself! In my opinion it's better to prevent Freshers Flu altogether! That's why Nasal Guard Cold & Flu Block* is so great. I hate taking unnecessary drugs. I'm certainly not one for reaching for them at the first sign of a sniffle, which is why when I saw Nasal Guard Cold & Flu Block was drug free I just had to give it a go!

But how does it all work? You simply apply the gel around the area of your nose and upper lip and you're protected - easy as that! The particles in the clinically approved gel are positively charged whilst the airborne cold and flu viruses are negatively charged and are therefore repelled. Simple really!

This little 3g tube may seem rather expensive (£11.99) for the amount of product that you get, but in fact it holds up to 150 applications. That means if you reapply this twice a day (once every six hours whilst you're awake) that's around two and a half months application! Taking you all the way from Freshers Week, right through until the end of you first semester! It actually works out cheaper than the flu injection! What's not to love about that? Plus it's non-greasy so can be applied under or on top of make-up and can easily be slipped into any pocket or hand bag for use when out and about.

You've got no excuse for missing lectures now! You can purchase Nasal Guard Cold & Flu Block at most Boots stores nationwide or on their website. I just wish they'd had this last year!
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