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Rings & Tings Haul

A couple of weeks ago I was given an amazing opportunity by Rings & Tings to review some of their jewellery. I already knew all about their brand and had fallen in love with their edgy and individual style of jewellery especially at their rock bottom prices PLUS they do FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE? I was smitten!

Here's what I was lucky enough to be sent...

Twist Arrow Ring* - £4.00

I love this ring,I think the arrow design is super cute! I'm not normally a fan of yellow-gold but the colour matches my new infinity midi ring (if you follow me on instagram you'll have already seen this!) to a T, they look great together! I am a huge fan of unique and quirky looking jewellery and this fits the bill perfectly! The 1.7mm size mercifully fit my index finger (where I typically wear my rings) perfectly but as the ring has a gap in between the arrow head and the nock - tail end of the arrow - I think you've also got a bit of give if you're buying one for a friend. It's the perfect piece of jewellery to see you from the tail end of summer right through until Christmas!

Spike Bracelet* - £5.50

This very spiky and dangerous looking bracelet is, thankfully made of plastic! After all having this in metal would probably qualify as a health hazard and weigh your good shopping arm down far too much! You get a touch of grunge look for a fraction of the price tag - I think I'll wear mine as a statement piece with some of the items in my Autumn Lookbook! Maybe tartan shirt and leggings?

This I honestly would have never in a million years purchased for myself, it's very 'new age' for my typically vintage style. My first thoughts were "oh my gosh, what on earth am I going to wear with this?". As I raided my wardrobe for something to wear with it I realised that my entire inspiration would be coming from this chunky, urban necklace. The thought suddenly occurred to me that if I had never received such an unusual item from my normal tastes then I would have never discovered a new outfit!

I also discovered a few other bits and bobs on the site that I already own and adore!

Plus YOU can get 10% off with the code "STYLECARD10" at the check out! They currently having their Summer Sale and do a great range of clothing you should check out too!

Comment below if you would like to see my jewellery collection!

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