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Oriflame Very Me Extendalash Mascara

Lately I have been loving my Oriflame Very Extendalash Mascara. I received it in my goody bag from the Leeds Meet at the end of August and now I'm literally never without it. It is my absolute favorite mascara I have ever tried!

Before I had a I have a classic love/hate relationship with mascaras - they either give great length and volume and are halfway down my face by noon or make very little difference what so ever. It's literally been years since I bought a non-waterproof mascara for fear of it running, especially if I'm at work. I just don't get how I do it!

So, naturally when I unwrapped this I wasn't expecting much as it wasn't waterproof. I decided to trial it on a day where I was about the house so I could monitor how badly it smudged throughout the day. I was absolutely shocked when it's didn't budge! It left my lashes looking luscious, long and with literally no clumps. I hadn't done any research or even googled the brand at this point I didn't want it to colour my opinion of the product, so I was sure whatever I was putting on my lashes I could in no way afford. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it cost just £5.45 (currently on sale for just £3.45!) - that's less than I pay at the drug store for a mascara half as good!

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