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My Warpaint Bag

Hello beauties! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a guest post over at Ellie's Ramblings all about my new makeup bag, which her followers seemed to love. So I decided I'd re-post it for you all here. 

Last week I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a new makeup bag seens as mine has now been downgraded to 'acceptable size for my purse' and isn't really good for much else. The perks of starting a beauty blog is that your makeup collection seemingly triples in a matter of a few short weeks - oops? I purchased this from B&M for just £2.99 as it's a lot bigger than my current one, and will withstand some serious mileage when I'm travelling up and down the country and to and from university this year.

I found the slogan particularly cute as I'd never really thought of make up as 'warpaint' before but it fits so well! The bag is super spacious - there is no way on earth it will house my whole collection (perhaps if I bought another five or six...) but it makes weekend away a lot easier to pack for. The outside is plastic coated, something I have recently decided is a sought after quality in make up bags as is makes foundationy finger marks so much easier to wipe away! The down side is, it has no pockets but I was thinking of buying a smallish handbag organiser (from Primark, of course) for the middle so that it's much easier to locate my products where ever I am.

As you can see, it doesn't have much in it at the moment as I am generally at home so just use my beauty cupboard (let me know if you want to see a tour!) but I have the reminiscence of my last outing at the bottom just to show you how much of a monster this thing really is!

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