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My Month in Instagram: August

Here's my first edition of My Month in Instagram! I've been wanting to do one of these for a while but don't take nearly enough photos for a weekly edition - so why not review my whole month? I really enjoyed writing this, I feel as if August completely flew by! But actually I have made some great memories and it has been a tremendous last full month at home!

My August started with an amazing surprise, I went for a quiet drink at my local with my au per friend who was going back home in just a few days and it ended up as a full scale meet up with some of my best friends whom I haven't seen all summer! It was so nice. But I was up the next morning at 7am to move into my new house and spent the week in Hull with my flatmates whilst there we did tons of shopping (Mini Beauty Haul, Home HaulSoap from the Heart) and attended the Streetlife Museum and the Yum! Food Festival.

On arriving home I mostly hung around the house watching old movies (Wuthering Heights) because I'd had such a busy week! I also filmed my first Youtube video and did a huge nail varnish haul!

I got really awfully fatigued for a few days thanks to my glandular fever earlier in the year so my posts kind of ground to a hault for a couple of days. First thing I did to cheer myself up was to put a few pink streaks in my hair, we'd actually run out of gloves - you can see the stains on my mint green and white crackle nails!

These pictures are from my day in HunstantonIt's a pretty small seaside town  but there were a few cute shops, we go every year as a lot of my family lives in Norfolk. It wasn't the sunniest or warmest of days but you can follow me around in my vlog.

This was followed by some more hanging around the in my new super comfy trackies. I also received my Prairie Charms package in the mail and bought some great beach spray by Got2B. Stay tuned as the reviews will be up this week!

Roll on September! Let me know if you would prefer weekly or monthly Instagram updates in the comments below!

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