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Last of the Summer Secondhand Hauls

Hi guys, so today I got up at the crack or sparrows, like I do every Sunday morning, to head to the car boot. I was hoping to find some materials for one of my up coming projects and maybe some winter clothes, instead I came back with what looks like a summer haul! Here's what I bought, I did purchase a few other items along the way but these were my favorites....

Mint Green Tie Top (brand new £8.99, New Look) - £1

I completely adored the colour of this top - it's my absolute favorite at the moment - mint green. Honestly it reminded me of something I had seen on tumblr. Better yet it was brand new from New Look and still had the tags attatched. The only problem was that it was a size 14 (something in which a size 8 like myself might drown in). But at £1 I could hardly refuse! I bought it home with the intention to wear to over a tank top and some jeggings in a sort of sloppily put together look, but actually found it fitted more like a 10. A super cute buy.

Polka dot Peter Pan Collar Shiffon Vest (G:21) - £1

I don't normally go for brightly coloured or polka dot tops but I found the lace peter pan colar too much to refuse! I think this would look great with a simple pair of dark skinny jeans and some black pumps for autumn, and maybe a brightly coloured skater skirt and heels for summer?

Peter Pan Collar Play Suit in Black (Matalan) - £3

This HAS to be the item I'm most excited above. I was exceptionally late to the playsuit bandwagon and currently own two (a cream with black bow print from River Island and a grey Rolling Stones printed one from Primark) both of which are pretty casual, so I jumped at this as it will be my first '"formal" playsuit!

Again there was a bit of a sizing issue, namely it didn't have a size and was actually from the 15-year-old girls children's department! But actually it fits pretty well, it's even a little baggy (not sure if that's a compliment that according to Matalan I have the body of a fifteen year old?). I was thinking of pairing this with some colored leggings for autumn or a nice pair of black wedges and a gold clutch for evening's out.

Cream Knit Arm Warmers - £1
(The wintery exception)

These were just too cute! I'll admit I'm a sucker for knit wear and shortly after buying these realised that they probably not very practical for winter at all, but hello - that's what autumn's for right?

Nesting Bird Ring (brand new £5, Destiny) - 50p

I love my quirky jewellery, and this was no exception. though it's a bit of a hassel for reaching into your pocket!

Silver Knot Ring - 50p

I have seen the love knot trend everywhere recently - necklaces, bangles, rings, but I haven't seen one that I liked enough to purchase. Most of my jewellery is quite chunky and this is the complete other end of the spectrum, it almost gets lost on my finger because it's so dainty! 

Barry M Nail Paint in the shade 312 Indigo - 50p

Normally I would never in a million years buy make up from a carboot, simply for the fact that it could have gone off or been tampered with - it's a lot different from buying it in the store. This looked brand new and was in such a glorious violet/indigo shade that for 50p (as it's not going to go on my face) I thought I'd take the risk!

Total Spend: £7.50 |  Items: 2 tops, 1 playsuit, 2 rings, 1 nail varnish.

Which item's your favorite? Do you have any styling tips?

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