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Free Headers For All!

Many have you have commented how much you love my blog header, sidebar intro and cute title pics for posts. Well, did you know I made them myself?

I'd just like to post a quick update letting y'all know that even though I've had to take down my FAQ page to make some space I am still making headers for people upon request. They're absolutely, completely 100% free and will be for the near future, provided I don't end up with thousands of e-mails as soon as this post goes live. I also make blog icons (from your existing header or from scratch), post titles, blog introductions (for sidebar), edited photographs (for sidebar) and signatures.


To get your very own all you have to do is read the terms and conditions below and then leave a comment below (leaving some way of contacting you)/e-mail/tweet/write on my Facebook page letting me know:

1. What you would like: header/blog icon (from your existing header or from scratch)/post title/blog introduction (for sidebar)/signature.
2. What you would like it to say: Include your name/blog title if needed.
3. A link to your blog.
4. Any design or colour preferences.

Once I have made your header I will let you know the same way you contacted me.


Well after the #bbloggers chat I had quite a lot of interest! So I'm making a queue so that you guys can keep track of your orders. I think I've gotten everyone but those chats are quite mad so I'm so sorry if I've forgotten you, if you're not on the list please resend your order.

UPDATE: The next batch of headers will be going out on Sunday 22nd September - check your inbox!

1. Hareem - I've e-mailed you!
2. Katie - I've tweeted you!
3. Tara

In the meantime why don't you take a peek at my completed headers below?

Made for Miranda.

Made for Gemma.

Made for Danni.

Made for Lisa.

Made for Cole.

Made for Amore.

Made for Jayly.

Made for Rosie.

Made for Gaby.

Made for Louisa.

Made for Amira.

Made for Alice.

Made for Abbey.

Made for Sophie.


1. It will have to be on a first come first served basis. If you request one before the end of September it is likely to be completed the very same day! After that it could take a up to a couple of days.

2. As they are free please don't abuse them. If you want more than one item or a matching set I am quite happy to help for a very small (£2-£3) PayPal donation. This is mainly to discourage people from abusing this service.

3. Before I start your design you must already be following this blog (GFCBloglovin') as I really want to give something back to my followers. Plus you'll get lots of lovely for design updates too.

4. If anyone asks you who made it for you, direct them back here :-)

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