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Dream University Room Decor

Sadly most students will never get to decorate their rooms as easily, quickly or as wallet friendly as I made these collages over at Polyvore. But, we can dream. Here's some of my favorite ways to decorate your room.

  Beat the Blues:

Lovely Branches Fitted Sheet - £35
Owl Print Bedding - £75.95
Hit Snooze Pillow Victoria' Secret - £25
Dream on Pillow Victoria's Secret - £25
Sweet Dreams Pillow - £18

Dreaming in Damask:

Dreaming in Damask
White Orchid LED Lantern - £570
Heart Shaped Mirror - £69
Murray Feiss Pauline Mirror - £163.95
Floral Resin Wall Clock Laura Ashley- £49
Shabby Chic Storage Boxes House of Fraser- £40

I can't wait until I arrive back at my university house - I already have countless DIYS planned for you all to get the look for a lot, lot less! So stay tuned and post any requests for DIYs - decor, fashion, etc. in the comments below. I will try my very best to get around to making them!

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