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Coffee Chat: I'm Guest Blogging for UNiDAYS!

Okay, so first of all I LIED. This isn't a coffee chat as I am no longer drinking tea after 8pm (and it's currently 1:08am) and I have just finished my last shift at work.

For me, the end of September means the end of #blogyoursocksoffSeptember and also the end of what has been a very long summer. And, subsequently the move back to university, means I am going to have a heck of a lot less time for blogging and whatnot. At the moment I have planned out the entire of October in my diary. Sadly, all my plans tend to fail so I am going to try and post every other day (ish) as I know #theSOproject is going to interfere with this schedule. Would you prefer more structures days (eg. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or just blogging whenever I get the chance (hopefully every other day)?

However it also means the start of new projects such as #Bloggoween - if you don't know what this is, have you been hiding under a rock away from my Twitter feed? - I am so excited about this project and the amount of you that have gotten on board. If you want more details click here. Those of you who already know what I'm on about have had your ear talked off enough! Some very exciting e-mails will be going out regarding this later in the week so if you haven't registered your interest yet, make sure you do!

Speaking of very exciting top secret new projects - guess who's currently guest blogging for UNiDAYS! I have kept this a secret for what feels like so long. Mainly because I was partially convinced that I'd dreamt up the whole thing. It would literally mean so, so much to me if you could head over to their blog THE EDIT and have a little read or leave a little comment. My first post in the DIY series especially designed for students (ahem, those with no funds) will go live at 1:30pm TODAY (I'll post the link here once it goes live). I hope you guys like reading - and making - it just as much as I did!

This last bit is just a quick note about the free headers, blog intros, signatures etc. I am currently making for people. If you haven't received yours yet I'm sorry! There was a HUGE amount of interest and as I've already explained, my life is pretty darn hectic at the moment! I will endeavor to have them all sent out by the end of this week. You can check on your progress, or if I've tried to contact you here.

It's now 1:36am (I procrastinate...) and I am off for some well deserved shut eye!

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