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Cleaning My Brushes!

I'll be the first to admit how terrible I am at cleaning my brushes regularly. In fact, I'm absolutely awful at it!

I know the benefits are countless: smoother makeup application, reduced build up of bacteria. But I still haven't forked out on an expensive brush cleaner to this date. Instead I used Johnson's Baby Shampoo which cost a grand total for just over £1. And it does the job perfectly! It's gentle enough to keep your brushes in tip top condition but it's also tough when it comes to removing the gunk.

All I do is I pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm of my hand and run my brush under the tap, then swirl it in my palm repeatedly, rinsing my palm and adding more shampoo as needed. For a large fluffy powder brush this could take repeating up to six times, for a medium size blush brush around four. Foundation brushes are probably the worst!

My brushes are left looking and feeling like new.

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