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Andrew Barton Colour Protect Paddle Brush

"There are few things
more lovely than a woman
with a great smile
and shiny happy hair."

Cute huh? That's what it reads on the back of the packaging for the recently released Andrew Barton Colour Protect Paddle Brush that I have recently become obsessed with!

So what's so special about it? I received mine at the wonderful Haley's (Tea Party Beauty) Leeds Meet Up and really didn't think much of it until after I couldn't find my hair brush one morning and cracked it out to use (after all a hairbrush is a hairbrush right?). Wrong. I have super tick and typically frizzy and flyaway (from years of colouring) mid-long length hair that usually hates my hair dryer with a firey passion. If you've ever coloured your hair (especially with bleach) you'll know how much of a pain it it when it dries out and lacks luster. My hair was a mess after my recent ombre stint, leaving it dull and lifeless and full of split ends. So much so, I went for the chop in the end!

After using this brush for the first time my hair was amazingly silky smooth and shiny, it was incredibly tame with absolutely no frizz or flyaways. It's safe to say I was pretty impressed! The only thing I had changed in my routine was my hair brush.

How does the magic work? The pins of the brush are infused with Vitamin E, omega fatty acids and Argan oil that condition you hair with every brush! Making it feel beautifully soft and shiny without becoming feel greasy or heavy. The Argan oil (if you haven't heard of it by now, where have you been hiding? Go grab some of this miracle oil all the way from Morocco) improves the elasticity and strength of the hair by repairing the hair follicles  locking in your hair colour and providing powerful UV protection too!

Where can I get one? The range recently launched at the end of July, you can pick up the  Andrew Barton Colour Protect Paddle Brush at ASDA for £8which I'll admit is a lot more than I usually pay for a regular old plastic paddle brush, I'm pretty sure mine is at least four years old, I just never thought a hair brush would affect the condition of my hair so much! - along with a whole other range of products I just can't wait to try out!

If you're going to invest in one product this year, this should be it! Brushing my typically frizz bomb hair has never been so simple having a good hair day has never been so easy!

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