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So I know this post is a couple of days late because I had some rather exciting posts scheduled for you all, but... earlier on in the week my Bloglovin' counter flipped over to 100! I am, so, so, so, happy! It literally made my day! Thanks a bunch to all of my readers and followers and people who occasionally click on my blog to see what on earth I'm talking about this time. Thanks for making my time as a blogger so special!

I've only been blogging for a month and a half and I have already has such an amazing time! I have gotten the opportunity to work with some brands I have adored and meet some lovely bloggers through Twitter and at the Leeds Meet at the end of August, leaving me more than a little starstruck! I literally cannot tell you how insane this all is. Last week I actually sat down to have a conference call regarding my blog - an actual conference call for my blog. It's all completely mad! It's all incredibly blowing when I sit at my desk and think that someone, just one person, is out there somewhere reading what I write every single day.

When I started out blogging I really never expected so many of you would stick around and hear what I have to say! And to you I would like to say a huge thank you as I wouldn't have gotten so amazing opportunities without you! And let me just take this opportunity to say that even though I'll be venturing back to university soon, I won't let you down! I have some VERY exciting things planned through the month of September, and even October! I wish I could send presents to you all, but sadly I don't think my student loan would hold up too well so I'll just have to settle for doing one big giveaway instead! But to the rest of you...
Now, about this giveaway, I need a teensy weensy favour... I want to do a giveaway that's all about YOU and in order to do that I want to make sure I get the prize(s) just right! So please post all your giveaway prize suggestions below as really I want to get something you guys will love! I've already picked up a few bits along the way so if you're a regular reader you'll already have some ideas... about what's to come!


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