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Totally Twisted Braid Tutorial

Yesterday I was running out the house and needed something super-quick to do to my hair before running out the door. I really adore the look and style of plaits but I just didn't have the time! I'd already brushed out my hair but instead of braiding the front most pieces (like I had planned) I literally grabbed them a twirled them around my finger and secured them with a couple of bobby pins each side and a little hairspray. This is how it turned out...

Not the most stylish of all hair styles, I'll grant you that, but not bad for a do considering it took less than a minute! I doubt most of you will finish prepping your hair it in that time! It also looks great as part of an up do.

This is my first video as so many of you have been requesting me to make a channel and I figured this was the easiest way to show you how to do the braid (after I failed in my attempts at taking several photos!). There's no sound from me because I filmed this very early this morning whilst everyone was still asleep which is why everything is so dark! I still have a couple of cameras to test out and various lights to meddle with but what do you think, would you want to see more videos or prefer me to stick to my blogging ways?

Here's a link to my new channel:

Will you be trying this super-quick style when you're running out the door?

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