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The Starting Off Project: Introduction

Hi beauties, just a quick little update! I am so incredibly stoked to tell you that I'll be part of The Starting Off Project (#TheSoProject) created by Steph's Inside Voice. Some of you may have seen me (and over one hundred other beauty bloggers!) excitedly tweeting about this earlier on in the week!

So what's it all about? Well, we've all got to start somewhere right? I mean do you remember the first time you put on make up? I do. I was about four and had managed to get into my Mum's beauty box. Think burgundy blush, bright blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick carnage. All over my face, me and Mum's high heels. Whoops.

That's what this series is all about, you starting off into the world of beauty, from how to correctly apply eyeliner (I know this a tricky one), to the best skincare regimes! I'll admit to being slightly envious of you all getting the inside information at such a young age. I went through years of panda eyes and foundation faux pas before I found out what works for me!

Here's the schedule:

Week 1 - Skincare (27th August, 6pm)
Week 2 - Concealer (3rd September, 6pm)
Week 3 - Foundation (10th September, 6pm)
Week 4 - Bronzer (17th September, 6pm),
Week 5 - Blusher (24th September, 6pm)
Week 6 - Mascara (1st October, 6pm)
Week 7 - Eyeliner (8th October, 6pm)
Week 8 - Eyeshadow (15th October, 6pm)
Week 9 - Lips (22nd October, 6pm)
Week 10 - Make up Tools (29th October, 6pm)
Week 11 - GIVEAWAY on Steph's Inside Voice (5th November, 6pm)

The best bit? You don't have to subscribe, be a blogger, tweet or anything else to get these tips. All you have to do is check back here on the dates that interest you. Get those phone reminders set everyone!

All posts will be going live at 6pm sharp, and I'll be posting about them on my Twitter and Facebook pages and sticking around to answer any questions that you might have afterwards. If you're a little shy you can also e-mail me at for some top secret tips! But don't worry if you're late, the blog posts will stay on my blog for when you're ready to read them!

To view a list of all the bloggers taking part, visit Steph's blog.

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