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Surviving Freshers Week

I just had to do this post! Some of you are off into the big wide scary world of university in just a matter of weeks, and I thought it'd be great to start my own university series telling you all about my first year and how it's not as scary as you may think! Part one is going to be all about surviving Freshers Week, illustrated with photos from my own Freshers year (oh, very, dear).

#1 Find your Flatmates!
Most universities will have a Freshers week event, or university page. Get on there and see if you can find yourself some of your new friends! I met just about all of my twenty one flat mates and made some awesome friends. We talked so much in the weeks leading up results day and university and even skyped each other a few times too! It was crazy how well we all got on, we clicked from day one and even went around the Freshers fair together, one helper couldn't believe we'd only met that very same day! Most of us are staying together this year too!

#2 Be Yourself, Heck Be Whoever
These people haven't actually met you yet so if you've been wanting to dye your hair bright blue or reinvent your style, maybe even lose that old nickname my advice to you would be to do it! I was always the quiet one until I left for university and now my flat mates have a hard enough time shutting me up!

#3 Wear Waterproof Mascara
Saying goodbye to your parents will be an emotional thing, I bet more than one of my friends will admit to crying along with me. But as soon as they are gone I perked up and had already forgotten about it by tea time. The honest truth is you'll get over it in time, for some it may be minutes for others months. Actually, this goes for any night out during Freshers week, waterproof mascara equals less touch ups, more time on the dance floor!

#4 Don't Wear Heels on Moving in Day
I've already seen that some people are stressing about what to wear on moving in day. From being there, doing that and literally still having that same t-shirt here's my advice: Wear something comfy, you're likely to be in the car for an hour or more getting there (some of my friends took five!) so you don't want to be uncomfortable. Chances are when you get the other end you're going to be hulking a load of boxes to your accommodation anyway and aren't going to be able to do that in your new five inch heels (though they may look cute they are very, very impractical). The day I moved in was a scorcher and it didn't help that they had left the heating on, thank god I wore shorts!

There will be fancy dress.

#5 Don't Overpack
Thankfully some help was at hand to bring my stuff in, a lot of the ex-tenants had been roped in the the promise of a free Freshers Wristband to help the new kids move in. I packed a lot of stuff, and felt awful when they helped me carry it in, I thought I was going to be doing that myself. My car was even parked in the next lot because they'd ran out of spaces in mine. One boy even commented "I've just moved house and didn't even have this much stuff!". Chances are it's not going to be thirty degrees in September so only pack a seasonal wardrobe which you can rotate. You want things to furnish your room but you don't want to clutter it. If you're moving in before Freshers Week I suggest taking two trips if you can so that you don't end up with a bunch of stuff you don't need. One of my top tips is to pack per space ie. a box for your desk, bathroom etc. so that it's super easy to make sure you've got everything and unpack the other end. You're going to end up with a lot of empty cardboard boxes by the end of it so I suggest making Mum or Dad wait around to take them back with them.

#6 Join In
Now, call me a hypocrite but I did actually join two societies: the Photography Society and the Computer Science Society. I never actually ended up attending the Photography Society, it was fairly new and I'm pretty well versed with that stuff anyway and have the ability to take great photos (when I have the time and energy that is!). I did actually attend the Computer Science Society once, I walked into the room for the Fragfest gaming sesh and was promptly asked if I was in the wrong place! There was only one other girl there and I was ignored by all but her and another boy. I did however manage to kick half of their butts on Team Fortress 2 and then promptly left. some things never change. This year I'm thinking of changing things up a bit and joining the Psychology Society. Also think about purchasing a Freshers Wristband to get you into all of the events, ours came at a reduced price and you got to jump the queues!

#7 Avoiding the Dreaded Freshers Flu
Chances are, no matter how much vegetables you eat, vitamins you take or orange juice you chug, you're going to end up with Freshers Flu. Not necessarily in Freshers Week I might add, we'd all thought we'd escaped it until the third week (giving it time to create some kind of superfreshersbug). I think I managed to make it from my bed to my desk chair, then I decided that it was time to miss my first lecture!

#8 Don't make a Fool of Yourself
Go and get hypnotised by the guest hypnotist (if any of my friends are reading this they will know that this was by far one of the funniest moments of the whole year) by all means! What I am referring to are those "little mistakes" that'll have you at the butt of every joke until you graduate. Yes he might look like Johnny Depp and have the best sense of humor but he's also going to be living next door for the next ten months and that little Freshers Week fling could turn sour.

Myself and my friends at the End of Year Ball after surviving one heck of a first year!

#9 Take Lots of Photos
As the saying goes, you're only a Fresher once. You'll want tons of photos to remember it! Don't worry as of five hours ago you had no idea the other person your posing with existed, just smile, point and shoot!

#10 Ask Other Students
Facebook and The Student Room are a great place to get in touch with students already at the university. Or, you can ask me your questions in the comments below! I know just how it feels to be sat there half full of excitement, the other with uncertainty. I'd be happy to help!

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