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Starting University: Tablets

The first model of the Nexus 7 came out during the Summer of 2012 and I started university in the Autumn. At this point I thought that tablets were a complete waste of money, they were bigger than a phone but lacked things like 3G and the ability to call people and they certainly were no where near as powerful as even the average laptop! So why on earth did I need one?

Boy was I wrong! After starting university I purchased my very own tablet, the lovely Nexus 7 (16 GB model - the 32GB wasn't yet available in the UK) during Freshers Week in October 2012. I didn't even have my student loan yet and used the money I had made from working over the summer. I figured it was either going to be one of the best purchases of my Fresher's year or possibly, a very expensive mistake! I remember calling my mum up from the store fretting that I was about to blow all my money on a suped up phone that wouldn't even call people. Anywho, that very same day I walked away with my very own Nexus figuring, how bad could it be?

Almost a year later what are my thoughts? Was it all just start of university hype? Honestly, no. I used my Nexus every day at university, I would have used it more if we'd had wifi in the halls. It was great for writing up my notes during the lecture (I purchased a small keyboard case for £10 from Amazon after failing to type fast enough using the on screen keyboard), and if I'm feeling lazy I can even record them to type up later. I literally fell in love with this piece of plastic. I could type away and the second I hit wifi the notes would be uploaded to the internet so I could just walk in the door and finish off my notes without any pesky procrastinating: "Oh, look, is that Candy Crush I see...?" As it's on Android it also syncs to my phone so I have all my information with me, where ever I am, whatever I'm doing.

The 7" screen means it's perfectly portable and fits well into my handbag but it's great for playing games and catching up with your favorite shows too, most of the time I forget it's only about the size of my hand! It's even got a front camera that's perfect for skyping the family whilst you're away.

To be clear, it would never ever, not in a million years replace my laptop but it's much more portable and easier to take away with my or read books on long train journeys. Admittedly, it doesn't come close to the iPad in some respects but a) it's cheaper, much closer to a student's budget and b) Androids's a lot more customisable and versatile, even if we do get some of the apps a little late and c) it's much more portable, and fits in the average sized handbag. In short, if you feel like you'd use it for notes I'd highly recommend you getting one, it's great not having to lug round folders, pens and paper all day! If you're less of a techy person I would recommend saving your money and spending it on clothes (or food!) instead.

If you have any questions about tablets or want to make any more suggestions for my university series, please comment below!

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