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Pre-Leeds Meet Ramble

Good morning beauties. So this morning I managed to sleep through my alarm which was not a great plan as today I am off to the Beauty Bloggers Leeds Meet up organised by Tea Party Beauty - who I'm sure is probably running around as I type this on my train!

First up, I NEED some coffee. I probably got 5 or so hours sleep thanks to my extreme excitement! This was not helped by the fact that about 1am I  woke up to a tweet from Curled Fantasies letting me know that I had won her 100 follower giveaway. Eek exacting stuff! She's actually part of the Leeds Meet Up today so I am excited to meet her food the first time as I really like her blog! I shall post all about my (hopefully lovely and not at all terrifying like the butterflies flapping around my stomach are suggesting!) meet up.

Seens as the train doesn't have WiFi and my phone's is temperamental at best I'm not sure when this post is going up! I was going to try and take a sneaky OOTD picture for you but my seat actually ended up being next to a family and I think it would make me look weird. I had to scrap my current readings book too as it was much to large and heavy my satchel, so I am pretty much sat here with nothing to do for the hour long journey. Think it's time to catch up on some much needed shut eye!

UPDATE: Things I have learnt not to do on the train:
1. Apply lipstick. It's not as smooth as you think and you may look like a clown. God help my mascara.
2. Pack your enormous head phones that take up half your purse, and forget your iPod.
3. This however does mean you get to listen into other people's conversations, I quotes "my chest hair looks like the bat symbol!"
4. Use the Blogger app.
5. Take a small charger that won't reach the plug!


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