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Mini Haul

Time for an evening update! Yesterday's mini haul...

Dainty Doll Eyeshadow in the shade Jungle - This brings my total collection up to eight out of the nine shadows from the brand (all I'm lacking is Purple Hill). I have raved about these shadows in blogs before (Dainty Dolls Eyeshadow Haul, Colour Pop Tutorial) so I'm not going to sit here and talk your ear off once more. These shadows are amazingly pigmented and come in a range of neutral or bright colours that are perfect for any look. I'd highly recommend purchasing one (or, as in my case eight!)

Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow pencil in the shade Vintage Blush 3 - I absolutely fell in love with this in the store. I'm a huge Collection fan but wasn't expecting much staying power from this, their newest product that claims to be a velvety soft, bendable eyeshadow pencil that is both waterproof and long lasting. I swatched the tester in the store wanting to see how the pigment of the shadow matched up to that of the tube and fell head over heels in love! Here's a picture of my original swatches... (the lighter of the two is Vanilla Sky)

Two hours later? The shadows were still in place, even after rubbing my finger over it several times they were still firmly in place. I was very impressed! I like to wear mine all over my lid with some winged black liquid or gel eyeliner.

Ceramic Jewellery Tree - I have been hunting high and low for one of these beauties that doesn't come with a double diget price tag! I managed to find one in a local charity shop for just 75p and had to have it! I wear a lot of rings and there is no way this will hold even a quarter of my collection, I was thinking of sitting it beside my bed so that on a night I can de-ring and easily locate my favorite rings in the morning.

Have you hauled anything lately?

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