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Mini Beauty Haul

Things these past few days have been a little more than hectic. My new house has its flaws and it's taking me a while to get them straightened out. Naturally, what did I do to put my mind at ease? A spot of shopping. And here's what I bought. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck eau de Pafum 30ml and Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balm in the shade Mint Fresh. I also got my hands on a sample of Marc Jacobs new perfume Honey, after reading countless blog posts raving about it.

Firstly, the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck eau de Pafum. I did not go out specifically seeing new perfume. I just happened to find my self drawn to the lime green freebie or bag in the store (Boots) and decided to test the perfume... Superdrug sell it for £1 less, but you don't get the  freebie bag, if you're trying to declutter (like me) then this one's for you. The 50ml RRPs for £28 and comes with a cute set of charms on the bottle.

Whilst in Superdrug I saw the ravished Maybelline shelves and actually scored the last Baby Lips Lip Balm in the store, though I would have liked to have a tinted one too, the rage launches in Boots tomorrow (Wednesday, 6th August) in case you missed out.

Best of all, I picked up the lot for less than £20 with my NUS Extra card 10% discount. Happy hauling. Have you tried out any of the products mentioned? Reviews coming soon, so stay posted!

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