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Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Pink Gold

When I stood there in the store deciding which Maybelline Colour Tattoo should be my first, I initially picked up a rather nude, non-shimmery and quite frankly all round boring shade that would look great as an eyeshadow base. My go-to eye is neutral and I want to step away from that a bit and add a bit of impact into my everyday style. This - and my quite frankly obsession with anything Rose Gold - lead me to my final purchase Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade 65 Pink Gold (oh, and two Baby Lips, because, well, 3 for 2!).

I seem to completely adore this colour at the moment in jewellery and nail polish and kind of fell in love with the possibility of transferring this to my makeup as well when I picked up a Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil by Collection in the shade Vintage Blush (swatches here), which is just a tad lighter but gives of the same finish for just £3.19. It's a great dupe. To create a gorgeous sun kissed look I use Vintage Blush from the inner corner to about 3/4 along my eyelid and then use Pink Gold for the outer corner and crease - this paired with some sleek winged eyeliner makes for a gorgeously sophisticated look!

Being a bit of a budget blogger I did inwardly wince about the amount of the product you actually get in this little 24ml tub, but considering the amount of use it's gotten since I purchased it, it still looks like new! I am seriously impressed by just how little product you need for a gorgeous pigmented look.

I have found the staying power great but haven't actually tested the '24 hour' staying power to the max because I'm really trying to be good after this weeks #theSOproject and avoid sleeping in my make up! But on my oily skin it has lasted through six hour shifts at work and through days out in the summer sun - so I can't really complain! One thing I found out since leaving the store was that you can actually use these little babies as eyeliner too, which sort of makes me want to run back and grab handfuls of black and steely grey to see if they compare with my go-to gel liner! Has anyone tried this yet?

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