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Max Factor Foundation Brush Review

Max Factor's Foundation Brush is currently my go-to for applying my foundation in the morning. The bristles look looks like this after a couple of days of use:

NYC's All Day Long Smooth Skin Foundation in the shade 737 Classic Ivory

I purchased mine a while back from my local Boots store for around £10, are currently stocking them here for £11. Having used it for a few weeks I much prefer it to either my fingers of my QVS Foundation Brush (£5.98). I made the change after my tried and true QVS that I've had for a couple of years, began to shed its bristles to the point where I was fishing them out of my foundation - not a good look!

At first I thought the head was a little small in comparison but found that this worked to my advantage as I could reach the crease of my nose and around inner eye with ease, and much less product was absorbed by the brush. I find that I have to use at least half a pump less each day, which is great! The less foundation that hides in the bristles, the more there is for me! But, as you can see in the photo, the bristles are slightly prone to clogging after a few days of use so I have to clean it pretty regularly.

Using a foundation brush instead of your fingers is more hygenic and, provided you clean it regularly, can actually help reduce acne break outs as you are not transferring the oils from your fingers onto your face.

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