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Make Do & Mend: Strapless Edition

This is a bit of the spur of the moment post. Today I was given this beautiful vintage print dress from my Mum. It had one major flaw. It was strapless, and after trying it on it soon became apparent that I'd spend the day hitching it up so that it didn't fall down! This wouldn't do, and as I was already in love with the dress I had to find some way of making it work.

 know this has happened to me countless times before going out, I'll have a dress in mind that I want to wear, paint my nails and match it to my lipstick and bag, then right before I leave I go to try the dress on and it's too big! Disaster! Don't panic. Most strapless dresses come with small ribbons or ties so that you may hang them up in your wardrobe using a normal coat hanger. These are an absolute god send as they typically come in either clear plastic or are related to the colour scheme of the dress. Here I am going to show you how to turn these into handy straps in less than two minutes - perfect for some last minute adjustments.

Strapless top or dress with loops for hanging
Safety pins
Fabric glue (or clear nail varnish)
A needle and thread

*I've written this how to primarily for those who need some last minute adjustments but I have also written optional steps in italic for those wanting a more permanent fix.*

1. Take the ribbon loop and cut the ribbon closest to the front of the dress, you want to make this cut close to the stitching for length but be careful to leave stitching in tact.

2. Paint the fabric glue or clear nail varnish at the ends of the ribbon to reduce fraying.

3. Try the dress on and pin the ribbon at the appropriate length, you only want this to support the dress, don't go too tightly else the ribbon may snap.

4. Sew or fabric glue the ribbon to the dress where you have placed the pin. If you want a more sturdy finish I suggest purchasing some thicker ribbon from your local craft shop and sewing in place.

5. Repeat for the other strap, making sure that they are even in length.

And you're done! Hope this helps you with your last minute dress panics! Let me know in the comments below if you try this fix.

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