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Life Blog: New House, Festivals, Food & Blogging

I decided it's about time for a life blog so here goes it. I recently moved 80 miles up the country to my *ahem* new and shiny home that actually turned out to have a thousand (actually 27, but who's counting?) small problems with it that are slowly getting fixed. These ranged from leaks in the bathroom to a non-working fridge and a hole in the wall. Sounds so homely am I right?

Anywho, whilst I was there I did a bit of shopping and visited a few festivals and events which were all fun and kept me out of the house for the day, I intend to blog about them this week. It also gave me a blissful week off work so I could finally catch some early nights and attempt to bring my 3am sleeping pattern back to some kind of normality.

I have eaten truck loads of junk food in the form of paninis, cheesy chips and sugared doughnuts thanks to to yummy food shops so am set to soon be the size of a house. My bank balance is also in tears due to the recent wardrobe updates.

I've now had my blog for officially a month and would like to say a big thanks for listening to my rambles and such. If you have any requests for further blogs please post below or follow the links in the Contact tab (I won't bite - promise). Would you like to see more life blogs like this?

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