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Life Blog: Eight Things About Me

Earlier on in the week I posed my first Life Blog, and from the views it showed that you were all pretty interested in whatever the heck I do when I'm not blogging. So here's another, containing eight things about myself containing all past photos taken from my instagram.

1. My full name is Charlotte but it got changed to Charley by my best friend when I was around fourteen and people have been increasingly calling me it ever since. My Mum only just started this year (only five years too late).

2. I have this thing called heterochromia (sounds serious, doesn't it?). I found out the name for it in a book whilst reading last year. Heterochromia means simply having two different coloured eyes, it's something to do with the various levels of melanin in the iris. Anywho, I have one brown and one blue, though it's not hugely noticeable in artificial light,  it's there. You can see it on some of my instagram photos. I think it's kind of awesome.

3. My birthday falls on the day before Halloween which has lead to many horror-themed parties and an obsession with anything remotely Halloween-ish (my go to excuse for watching shows like Buffy and Supernatural).

4. I have a pet cat called Tike, he's huge and sleeps with me most nights and wakes me up by clawing my hair most mornings. He's eleven and tabby and I love him to bits. Hi I'm Charley and I'm a crazy cat lady.

5. I'm in my second year studying psychology which (contrary to most belief) is not a pointless degree. You learn a lot about neuroscience, studying the various parts of the brain and there's a bunch of philosophy and a decent chunk of statistics thrown in too! My ambitions for the future are to become a clinical psychologist and work with the mentally unstable (yes, with the couch and the long coat and the how are you feeling's?)

6. I'm surprisingly good with computers and have been video editing since I was thirteen. By the time I reached fifteen at school, the teachers were asking me to fix things for them during class.

7. I read. A lot. Fiction, science and psychology related non-fiction and historical novels. I probably have about three hundred books stored in my room right now. One day I plan to finish reading them all.

8. In person I talk exceedingly fast and have to make a conscious effort to talk slowly, else people don't understand a word I'm saying! I also think a lot faster than I talk so often miss complete chunks out of a conversation because my brain has already moved onto the next step!

If you want to make this into a tag - go ahead! Just make sure you use your very own instagram photos to illustrate it!

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