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Today's non-beauty related blog is going to be all about a site that any book reader should know about: Goodreads!

I discovered the site last year and have been on and off the site since. It's a great community and a fabulous way to keep track of the books you've read or made progress on (especially if you have as many as me!). It's easy to make new friends, join book clubs and discuss your hopes and fears for the characters without driving your friends crazy. Plus you can get a great set of widgets for your blog  pages and sidebar, here's a quick look at the what I've been reading recently... 

If you want to check out what I'm reading, just check out the side bar! If you're also a member of Goodreads or are just signing up, post your profile links below so we can be friends or check out my profile here! Click here to install your very own Goodreads widget!

I originally posted a list of my favorite summer reads in this blog, but it made it super-long so to see my favorite summer reads of 2013, click here.


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