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Going Back In Time: Vintage Pharmacy & Streetlife Museum

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Hull Streetlife Museum, it's a truly great afternoon out if you're ever in the area. Best of all the entry completely FREE!

Denim biker jacket from River Island.
Stripy top with crochet detail from Dorothy Perkins.
Lace bandeau top from Primark.
Elephant necklace from Accessorize.
Coral shorts from Topshop.
Black bow flats from Primark.

One of my favorite summer outfits!

It truly is a hidden gem, especially considering the entry fee (or lack of!). I felt like I had gone back in time for the day. You got to see the various vehicles from a hundred years ago right through until today that were local to that area, they had some gorgeous refurbished vehincles but by far my favorite bit was the  completely made over cobblestone street and old style pharmacy they had there. Apologies for the quality of the pictures, I took them on my phone (who knew I'd be blogging some old hunks of metal?)

The upstairs was filled with old bikes and carriages from the last century (how much do you want the bike in the top left?). But some weren't nearly as cute and looked uncomfortable at best! Whilst we were there we got to have a demonstration in a carriage which was small stuffy to say the least, I couldn't imagine being in there for hours on end travelling cross country wearing a full corset and gown. I am starting to understand why women form that era are portrayed to faint a lot! I loved the Victorian section...

Here are my favorite pictures from the pharmacy. It was do dark in there it was difficult to get clear photos! All of this was collected from a real functioning pharmacy in which they actually made up the drugs behind the counter (could you imagine being allowed to do that today?!) there were hundreds of drawers and jars in which they stored them show in the top left photo (below).

Here are some close ups of beauty counters past! Anybody else still love the packaging? There were also some more familiar brands such as out beloved Nivea, the packaging really hasn't changed all that much in fifty years!

It was a great afternoon out, we spent the rest of the day wandering around Old Town Hull and through the main shopping centres. We even caught a few acts like Kieran Hall at the Yum! Food Festival that was going on (blogpost soon)!

Inside one of the trains.

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