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Double Cleansing

Good afternoon. I've been using this as part of my double cleansing routing. I hate using harsh cleansers on my face before bedtime as it can make my skin feel tight or make it dry out overnight, meaning that morning makeup is a pain to apply.

Firstly I remove my make up using my make-up wipes, I change these up a lot and am often using a different one each month to try and find one that works for me. Sometimes, I'll admit that I'm incredibly lazy and will just leave it there, it depends what kind of day I've had and what time I'm going to bed. But you really should double cleanse your skin! Cleansing it once will simply remove the makeup whilst cleansing it twice removes dirt and unclogs the pores. This is much better for your skin as it gives it a properly good clean, you're not just removing what you can see.

Over the past few weeks there's been a noticeable change in my skin, it's healthier, more radiant and best of all, all this cleansing hasn't dried it out like I was worried it would! I think the trick is to use a gentle cleanser, such as Witch Pore Minimising Gel Wash. And I reserve the use my more harsh face exfoliators and washes in the shower every other day to avoid drying out my skin.

Thumbs up to double cleansing!

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