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Dainty Dolls Eyeshadow Haul

Good evening, sorry about the timing of these last few posts whilst I've been away, now I'm officially back home I'm now dedicated to being a full-time blogger once more! On my travels I picked up these three mono eye shadow pots from the Dainty Doll line by Nicola Roberts. Admittedly the line has been out for a while and I'm a bit late to be trailing after the band wagon now, but I can't wait to try these out!

Firstly I adore the art work on the packaging which promises long lasting, heavily pigmented all natural shadows with antioxidants and vitamins A, E and C to help reverse the effects of age spots and wrinkles (though at the ripe old age of nineteen I hope they'll have well exceeded their sell buy by the time these develop!).

I purchased the Eye Shadow Base in the shade 001 Frankie Girl (front) and two Eye Shadows, 001 Are You Experienced (middle) and 002 Treat Her Like A Lady (end) but the range showcases much brighter summer colours, perfect for the waterline during the summer! I've been dying to try out the range for a while now but always thought of it as too pricey, even if it was designed for particularly pale skin like mine! The eye shadows typically retail for £11.50 to view the full range click here.

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