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Coffee Chat: Mini Milestones, Guest Blogs, Links & Discounts

Good morning beauties! Well yesterday was rather eventful concerning the blog! I passed my first mini milestone of 50 followers on Bloglovin', another mini milestone of 100 blog comments and that's right, another mini milestone of 3,000 page views! All in one day! Woah! This is just great, thank you so much anyone who supporting me by reading the blog! You have no idea how much it means to me. Mushy part over, I promise!

I have now been blogging for a months and three days exactly. Over that time there have been a few changes around the blog that I haven't told you guys about and feel like I owe you an explanation! I'm going to start this new series called Coffee Chat in which I can just literally natter to you over my morning coffee (or tea!) about nothing particularly related to beauty or fashion or blogging. This is the first. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below, this new series I'd like to be more of a conversation with you guys than a full on blog post!

How cute is my cup?!

First up is the not so new header, I made this a little over a week ago and didn't really explain this decision to you all. The old header, made by a friend over at Fiverr (if you click on the FAQs there's a link to her profile) is gorgeous and will be remaining as my blog icon and profile picture for the foreseeable future but it was just taking up far too much room as a header! So it had to go I'm afraid! What do you think to the new one?

I feel like I've made a few friends over here in the short time I've been blogging and I just wanted to talk to you about a couple of topics that have been requested, guest blogging and icon swaps. I am actually currently writing a guest blog for two (top secret) bloggers that will be featured on their blogs next week and in early September. If you're interested in doing any sort of series collaboration, blog swap or guest blogging then please e-mail me at I love to do icon swaps but I have limited space in my sidebar so it's going to have to be on a first come first served basis I'm afraid, you can find my blog icon under the Follow tab.

Lastly, is a bit of a downer, lately I have been receiving a lot of 'follow for follow' comments. By all means, feel free to leave your blog link under your comment whilst you're here (I know I do). I find it really great that I can read a comment I like and ten seconds later be checking out the blogger that wrote it! Just please refrain from the dreaded 'follow me' comments (or tweets!) as these will be removed, as will standalone links. I hope you can understand. That being said, as this is a special blog post, I would love to see your links below so I can have a read, go ahead!

Phew, now if you've stuck around to read all that here's a little discount code I've found for you all courtesy of Lashes of London!

They are currently offering 20% off all their new in items this week when you enter the code NEW20 at the checkout. Click the picture to visit their new collection! I am not working with the brand in any way, they have never sent me any samples and I am not receiving any kind of compensation if you click the link. It's just a good natured discount!

I do however have some treats to review for you over the next couple of weeks, I cannot tell you how excited get waiting for the post man at the moment!

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