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Coffee Chat #2: Blogging, Beaches and Flatmates!

I really didn't think it would be just a matter of days before I got around to another Coffee Chat, turns out they're so much fun and you guys seem to love my ramblings just as much as I love... well, rambling!

The past few days have been a little bit of a reality check and I have realised whilst blogging is very fun, the sheer amount of time I am spending on here is very impractical. I have been super busy and things have been very hectic. Thursday will actually be my first proper day off in about a week! All I want to do at the end of the day is collapse into bed!

I didn't have coffee today, so here's my hot chocolate I drank whilst walking across the beach earlier.

I'm also back off to the big bad world of university in just a few short weeks! Good luck to any of you who are just starting out, you'll absolutely love it - promise!  If you haven't already seen my post about Surviving Freshers Week I suggest you read it. The next post in the series will be coming up on Tuesday. Anywho I wanted to have a chat with you guys about what this means for the blog.

Since the blog started in July, I have been posting a heck of a lot, we're talking sometimes twice, three times a day! And I'm sorry that this might not be able to continue, as doing a degree (contrary to some belief) requires a lot of time hitting the books! That said, I will try and continue to blog at least three times a week though, I have a few afternoons free that I am able to squeeze my writing in, but don't actually have a day off. So I'm preparing for becoming a very busy bee!

On the upside, going back to university means going back to live in the city which means a ten minute bus journey from the nearest make-up counters and clothes shops, so be prepared for some serious hauling! This is great for me to as I can read about a product and half an hour later have it in my hand, ready for review.

I'm also living with fellow beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger Becky over at and we were thinking of doing some joint blogs, hauls and beauty box reviews if that would interest you guys? If you have any suggestions what we should do, please get in touch or comment your ideas below!

How are you all today?

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