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Clearasil Perfectawash Rapid Action Face Wash Review

Good afternoon, or morning, or whenever you're reading this. Today I'll be reviewing Clearasil's Perfectawash Rapid Action Face Wash.

Firstly, a HUGE disclaimer, I bought this product from Amazon on a clearance
 sale so only paid about £3.95 for the whole thing. I received the automatic dispenser, batteries and two refills: Superfruit Splash and Soothing Plant Extracts. Though I am aware these were a lot more expensive for those of you who received them earlier in the year (sorry!). The good news is, it's currently retailing for £7.99 on Amazon with FREE UK delivery.

For such a small refill you get over 100 uses, that's over 50 days worth of product right there, so you're basically paying £4 for about a month and a half's worth of product, not bad at all.

The whole idea of the dispenser is that it's more cleanly (and well, stylish) to have the perfect amount of product just fall into your hand so you get just the right amount to gently cleanse your skin without drying it out. I was genuinely amazed by how tiny this was.

The face wash smells great and it does a fabulous job on your skin, you can honestly feel the difference from wash number one. My skin felt clearer and less oily as soon as I'd used it! Though I do feel the need for something exfoliating from time to time.

All in all this is quite literally the best product for my face I have ever used!

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