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A Huge Thank You

Yesterday I absolutely was blown away by the reaction my blog got after I posted the link on Twitter! And I'd just like to say...

I was initially dreading my friends finding out about my blog, this is part of the reason it's taken me so long to start as I knew I'd become the butt of every joke. But in actual fact? They didn't mind one bit (after a bit of good natured teasing of course!), some of them even liked it which is more than I'd hoped for. Yesterday was a big day for the blog as I reached over 1000 views and 50 posts in just three weeks of having the blog up and running with a phenomenal 176 yesterday from my amazing followers and friends on Twitter.

Thanks so much for reading my blog, for all you subscribing on bloglovin' and following on twitter and instagram. I really do appreciate it!

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