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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pre-Leeds Meet Ramble

Good morning beauties. So this morning I managed to sleep through my alarm which was not a great plan as today I am off to the Beauty Bloggers Leeds Meet up organised by Tea Party Beauty - who I'm sure is probably running around as I type this on my train!

First up, I NEED some coffee. I probably got 5 or so hours sleep thanks to my extreme excitement! This was not helped by the fact that about 1am I  woke up to a tweet from Curled Fantasies letting me know that I had won her 100 follower giveaway. Eek exacting stuff! She's actually part of the Leeds Meet Up today so I am excited to meet her food the first time as I really like her blog! I shall post all about my (hopefully lovely and not at all terrifying like the butterflies flapping around my stomach are suggesting!) meet up.

Seens as the train doesn't have WiFi and my phone's is temperamental at best I'm not sure when this post is going up! I was going to try and take a sneaky OOTD picture for you but my seat actually ended up being next to a family and I think it would make me look weird. I had to scrap my current readings book too as it was much to large and heavy my satchel, so I am pretty much sat here with nothing to do for the hour long journey. Think it's time to catch up on some much needed shut eye!

UPDATE: Things I have learnt not to do on the train:
1. Apply lipstick. It's not as smooth as you think and you may look like a clown. God help my mascara.
2. Pack your enormous head phones that take up half your purse, and forget your iPod.
3. This however does mean you get to listen into other people's conversations, I quotes "my chest hair looks like the bat symbol!"
4. Use the Blogger app.
5. Take a small charger that won't reach the plug!


Friday, 30 August 2013

NIVEA Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer

I wrote this a few weeks ago for Inside her Wardrobe as a guest blog and thought I'd share it with you here.

Hello beauties! My name's Charley, I'm usually over at Rambling of a Beauty Blogger but today I'll be guest blogging for you all, thanks for having me! My blog is all about those gorgeous makeup goodies you can pick up on a student's budget, and this is the perfect product to do just that. Here's my review of NIVEA's Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer.

You can pick up NIVEA's little pot of goodness for just £4.99 at your local drug store or super market. For the budget friendly price, the packaging feels rather luxurious and professional. It comes in a glass bottomed jar with a screw top lid that's really handy for travel and reuse, though I can't help feeling you lose a lot of potential product space in the wide glass bottom.

The primer smells just like the like their classic blue potted moisturiser, if you've never owned a pot of this you really should! Though its consistency is much lighter, which makes application super easy as it absorbs in just seconds! The product feels completely weightless on my combination skin and provides all they hydration I need. But, I was a little disappointed it feels much less silky that other primers I have tried, and it doesn't do anything to even out skin tone being unpigmentedAs for it's priming ability I find that my make-up lasts a little longer than usual and leaves my face with more of a dewy finish as they day progresses.

Overall, it's a great little product if you have oily or combination skin as it provides just the right amount of hydration without producing any excess oils, but it won't be replacing my go to Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser any time soon!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Pink Gold

When I stood there in the store deciding which Maybelline Colour Tattoo should be my first, I initially picked up a rather nude, non-shimmery and quite frankly all round boring shade that would look great as an eyeshadow base. My go-to eye is neutral and I want to step away from that a bit and add a bit of impact into my everyday style. This - and my quite frankly obsession with anything Rose Gold - lead me to my final purchase Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade 65 Pink Gold (oh, and two Baby Lips, because, well, 3 for 2!).

I seem to completely adore this colour at the moment in jewellery and nail polish and kind of fell in love with the possibility of transferring this to my makeup as well when I picked up a Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil by Collection in the shade Vintage Blush (swatches here), which is just a tad lighter but gives of the same finish for just £3.19. It's a great dupe. To create a gorgeous sun kissed look I use Vintage Blush from the inner corner to about 3/4 along my eyelid and then use Pink Gold for the outer corner and crease - this paired with some sleek winged eyeliner makes for a gorgeously sophisticated look!

Being a bit of a budget blogger I did inwardly wince about the amount of the product you actually get in this little 24ml tub, but considering the amount of use it's gotten since I purchased it, it still looks like new! I am seriously impressed by just how little product you need for a gorgeous pigmented look.

I have found the staying power great but haven't actually tested the '24 hour' staying power to the max because I'm really trying to be good after this weeks #theSOproject and avoid sleeping in my make up! But on my oily skin it has lasted through six hour shifts at work and through days out in the summer sun - so I can't really complain! One thing I found out since leaving the store was that you can actually use these little babies as eyeliner too, which sort of makes me want to run back and grab handfuls of black and steely grey to see if they compare with my go-to gel liner! Has anyone tried this yet?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Holy Grail Lip Product: Einstein Lip Therapy

My holy grail lip product is... *drum roll please* Einstein Lip Therapy.

This little pot of wonder comes with vitamin E, a great little antioxidant that fights against skin cell damage caused by free radicals and can actually repair damage caused by ultraviolet rays - it's also great for anti-ageing! - and vitamin A that protects your lips from toxins that will dry your lips out! Vitamin A also promotes new skin cell growth and the secretion of natural oils to keep your lips looking luscious and moist. What's not to love for such a rock bottom price! 

The balm goes smoothly onto my lips and never goes 'bitty' like some lip products. After just a day of use I could really feel the difference! My lips felt soft and moisturised plus Einstein Lip Therapy also has 'cooling lip relief' which in short makes your lips tingle beautifully, for this it's actually one of the best products I have tried.
I love so much (even more than Baby Lips!) I've even added it to the giveaway goody bag I've been collecting for, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Starting Off Project: Skincare

Hello my beauties, it's 6pm on a Tuesday and for the next weeks that could only mean one thing! It's time for my very first The Starting Off Project blog post. If you're reading this as it goes live then you can join in the chat on Twitter by using the #TheSoProjectToday I figure everyone's going to be posting about their favorite skincare brands and what they used when they were just starting off. So (as per) I've decided to post something a little different, giving you some tips on how to keep your skin looking flawless and banish spots for good, some of them won't even cost you a penny!

Firstly I think this bit is HUGELY IMPORTANT so please give it a read. Now, I'm going to let you in on a little known secret here. Guess what? Beauty bloggers get spots! I know you may never see them - we're beauty bloggers, we know a thing or two about covering up and taking photos in just the right light - but we do. Everyone does. It's not a bad thing and it's certainly not embarrassing, it's just a fact of life that just makes your teenage years a little more awkward. But you'll live through it!

If you think a tip's not for you, feel free to skip it and move onto the next one (I know this is a bit of a long winded post!) to help I have split it into two sections, Skincare Related or Makeup Related Skincare Tips. Or if you want help with finding out your skin type, recommendation on what products to by or want to ask me about anything in at all feel free to get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, or you can e-mail me at (don't worry, all my e-mails are completely confidential if you're a little shy like me!).


1. Wash your face! Now, this may be a blatantly obvious tip but I know that it's a toughie even make-up gurus have problems with. Resist the urge to collapse in bed without making sure that you've washed your face, whether you wear make-up or not, it will keep your skin looking clean and fresh.

2. It will take a little while to find which cleanser is right for you - whether or not you have oily skin, dry skin or combination skin. I have tried a lot of different product so I wouldn't go out and buy anything too expensive to start off with because it just might not work for you. Over the years I have really loved Clearasil, Neutrogena and Simple, because they're cheap and they really do work well on my skin. However, if you know what skin type you are...

3. Use products specifically formulated for your skin. If you have oily skins use oil-free moisturisers and cleansers, whilst those of you who need a little more moisture, reach for rich and nourishing creams that will hydrate your skin throughout the day. There are great ranges of skincare out there for quite literally any skin type!

4. Try not to touch your face during the day, else you risk transferring the oil and dirt from what you've been touching throughout the day onto your face. This can clog your pores and lead to break outs. My tip to you would be to always wash your hands before touching your face, even in the morning and at night before you think about washing your face always make sure you wash your hands first!

5. If you do break out, leave it! Don't pick, rub, or scratch at it. This will inflame the area and increase redness, making the spot more visible and causing it to take longer to heal.

6. Change your bedding regularly. Bacteria from your face can collect on your pillow case whilst you're asleep, especially if you don't cleanse your skin properly before bed or sleep wearing your makeup. On average you spend 6-8 hours of your day asleep, that's a lot of contact time with your pillow if you don't change your bedding regularly. If you notice breakouts on your cheeks or sides of your face then this simple change could dramatically reduce your amount of imperfections. Don't believe me? Try flipping your pillow over for a few nights and see if it makes a difference!

7. If you can, avoid wearing makeup. Don't get me wrong, I'm as makeup obsessed as the next beauty blogger! But who wears makeup whilst wandering around in their PJs on a Saturday morning? However, if you just have to, here are some make-up related skin care tips for you all...


1. Wash you face twice/double cleanse at night if you wear make up. Washing your face once will just remove the makeup from your skin and washing it again will help to deep clean your pores. I've already written a post all about how Double Cleansing has helped my skin which you can go read.

2. Clean you makeup brushes regularly to reduce the build up of bacteria. If you don't want to fork out on expensive cleansers using a gentle baby shampoo will do the trick just fine, I recommend Johnson's Baby Shampoo 500ml  (£1.75 at Boots).

3. Throw out any old makeup products - foundation and concealer especially - that you've had for a while or makeup that have changed in texture, colour or smell since you have bought it. They could have gone off which means that the chemical balance of the product has changed and this can easily lead to break outs. Think of it as an opportunity to go shopping and try out new products. But...

4. Stop using any new product immediately if you find they irritate your skin or break you out. Products that break you out will likely not improve with time and prolonged use is likely to irritate your skin more. You can easily find what's irritating your skin through a process of elimination in your skincare and makeup regime.

5. If you have spot prone skin, get some extra help with brands like Clearasil, Freederm and Witch who all have make-up ranges available that treat the spot as well as covering it up - instead of clogging it up! Miss Sporty also do a great So Clear range that are super affordable!

If you have any questions or requests at all (no matter how silly you think they might be) please do get in touch! I read and reply to all your comments, e-mails, tweets and wall posts and will try my very best to reply to you within the next day!

Starting University: Tablets

The first model of the Nexus 7 came out during the Summer of 2012 and I started university in the Autumn. At this point I thought that tablets were a complete waste of money, they were bigger than a phone but lacked things like 3G and the ability to call people and they certainly were no where near as powerful as even the average laptop! So why on earth did I need one?

Boy was I wrong! After starting university I purchased my very own tablet, the lovely Nexus 7 (16 GB model - the 32GB wasn't yet available in the UK) during Freshers Week in October 2012. I didn't even have my student loan yet and used the money I had made from working over the summer. I figured it was either going to be one of the best purchases of my Fresher's year or possibly, a very expensive mistake! I remember calling my mum up from the store fretting that I was about to blow all my money on a suped up phone that wouldn't even call people. Anywho, that very same day I walked away with my very own Nexus figuring, how bad could it be?

Almost a year later what are my thoughts? Was it all just start of university hype? Honestly, no. I used my Nexus every day at university, I would have used it more if we'd had wifi in the halls. It was great for writing up my notes during the lecture (I purchased a small keyboard case for £10 from Amazon after failing to type fast enough using the on screen keyboard), and if I'm feeling lazy I can even record them to type up later. I literally fell in love with this piece of plastic. I could type away and the second I hit wifi the notes would be uploaded to the internet so I could just walk in the door and finish off my notes without any pesky procrastinating: "Oh, look, is that Candy Crush I see...?" As it's on Android it also syncs to my phone so I have all my information with me, where ever I am, whatever I'm doing.

The 7" screen means it's perfectly portable and fits well into my handbag but it's great for playing games and catching up with your favorite shows too, most of the time I forget it's only about the size of my hand! It's even got a front camera that's perfect for skyping the family whilst you're away.

To be clear, it would never ever, not in a million years replace my laptop but it's much more portable and easier to take away with my or read books on long train journeys. Admittedly, it doesn't come close to the iPad in some respects but a) it's cheaper, much closer to a student's budget and b) Androids's a lot more customisable and versatile, even if we do get some of the apps a little late and c) it's much more portable, and fits in the average sized handbag. In short, if you feel like you'd use it for notes I'd highly recommend you getting one, it's great not having to lug round folders, pens and paper all day! If you're less of a techy person I would recommend saving your money and spending it on clothes (or food!) instead.

If you have any questions about tablets or want to make any more suggestions for my university series, please comment below!

Previous Posts in the series: Surviving Freshers Week

Image courtesy of Google.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Follow Me Around Blog/Vlog: Day at the Beach

Good evening beauties! Today I went to my annual family gathering at the beach and thought I'd film a little follow me around vlog for you all to watch.

This is actually the first time I have used my internet video camera to film anything, despite having it for about 2 years! I had to go and film most of the footage in HD because it had failed to record it the first time - boo - and am not too happy with the 'HD' quality anyhow. I think it's safe to say I'll be sticking to my beloved bridge camera from now on!

It was kind of windy so the audio was a little patchy in places so I ended up axing it altogether, but hoped you enjoyed the footage. My favorite parts were sipping a hot chocolate (in August!) whilst walking across the beach, and of course the spot of shopping and picnic later in the day.

We also collected some shells for a small DIY bathroom project I'm hoping to do.

Here are some of my favorite instagram pics from the day:

You can follow my daily instagramming here.

Have you been to the beach this summer?

The Starting Off Project: Introduction

Hi beauties, just a quick little update! I am so incredibly stoked to tell you that I'll be part of The Starting Off Project (#TheSoProject) created by Steph's Inside Voice. Some of you may have seen me (and over one hundred other beauty bloggers!) excitedly tweeting about this earlier on in the week!

So what's it all about? Well, we've all got to start somewhere right? I mean do you remember the first time you put on make up? I do. I was about four and had managed to get into my Mum's beauty box. Think burgundy blush, bright blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick carnage. All over my face, me and Mum's high heels. Whoops.

That's what this series is all about, you starting off into the world of beauty, from how to correctly apply eyeliner (I know this a tricky one), to the best skincare regimes! I'll admit to being slightly envious of you all getting the inside information at such a young age. I went through years of panda eyes and foundation faux pas before I found out what works for me!

Here's the schedule:

Week 1 - Skincare (27th August, 6pm)
Week 2 - Concealer (3rd September, 6pm)
Week 3 - Foundation (10th September, 6pm)
Week 4 - Bronzer (17th September, 6pm),
Week 5 - Blusher (24th September, 6pm)
Week 6 - Mascara (1st October, 6pm)
Week 7 - Eyeliner (8th October, 6pm)
Week 8 - Eyeshadow (15th October, 6pm)
Week 9 - Lips (22nd October, 6pm)
Week 10 - Make up Tools (29th October, 6pm)
Week 11 - GIVEAWAY on Steph's Inside Voice (5th November, 6pm)

The best bit? You don't have to subscribe, be a blogger, tweet or anything else to get these tips. All you have to do is check back here on the dates that interest you. Get those phone reminders set everyone!

All posts will be going live at 6pm sharp, and I'll be posting about them on my Twitter and Facebook pages and sticking around to answer any questions that you might have afterwards. If you're a little shy you can also e-mail me at for some top secret tips! But don't worry if you're late, the blog posts will stay on my blog for when you're ready to read them!

To view a list of all the bloggers taking part, visit Steph's blog.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Coffee Chat #2: Blogging, Beaches and Flatmates!

I really didn't think it would be just a matter of days before I got around to another Coffee Chat, turns out they're so much fun and you guys seem to love my ramblings just as much as I love... well, rambling!

The past few days have been a little bit of a reality check and I have realised whilst blogging is very fun, the sheer amount of time I am spending on here is very impractical. I have been super busy and things have been very hectic. Thursday will actually be my first proper day off in about a week! All I want to do at the end of the day is collapse into bed!

I didn't have coffee today, so here's my hot chocolate I drank whilst walking across the beach earlier.

I'm also back off to the big bad world of university in just a few short weeks! Good luck to any of you who are just starting out, you'll absolutely love it - promise!  If you haven't already seen my post about Surviving Freshers Week I suggest you read it. The next post in the series will be coming up on Tuesday. Anywho I wanted to have a chat with you guys about what this means for the blog.

Since the blog started in July, I have been posting a heck of a lot, we're talking sometimes twice, three times a day! And I'm sorry that this might not be able to continue, as doing a degree (contrary to some belief) requires a lot of time hitting the books! That said, I will try and continue to blog at least three times a week though, I have a few afternoons free that I am able to squeeze my writing in, but don't actually have a day off. So I'm preparing for becoming a very busy bee!

On the upside, going back to university means going back to live in the city which means a ten minute bus journey from the nearest make-up counters and clothes shops, so be prepared for some serious hauling! This is great for me to as I can read about a product and half an hour later have it in my hand, ready for review.

I'm also living with fellow beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger Becky over at and we were thinking of doing some joint blogs, hauls and beauty box reviews if that would interest you guys? If you have any suggestions what we should do, please get in touch or comment your ideas below!

How are you all today?

Double Cleansing

Good afternoon. I've been using this as part of my double cleansing routing. I hate using harsh cleansers on my face before bedtime as it can make my skin feel tight or make it dry out overnight, meaning that morning makeup is a pain to apply.

Firstly I remove my make up using my make-up wipes, I change these up a lot and am often using a different one each month to try and find one that works for me. Sometimes, I'll admit that I'm incredibly lazy and will just leave it there, it depends what kind of day I've had and what time I'm going to bed. But you really should double cleanse your skin! Cleansing it once will simply remove the makeup whilst cleansing it twice removes dirt and unclogs the pores. This is much better for your skin as it gives it a properly good clean, you're not just removing what you can see.

Over the past few weeks there's been a noticeable change in my skin, it's healthier, more radiant and best of all, all this cleansing hasn't dried it out like I was worried it would! I think the trick is to use a gentle cleanser, such as Witch Pore Minimising Gel Wash. And I reserve the use my more harsh face exfoliators and washes in the shower every other day to avoid drying out my skin.

Thumbs up to double cleansing!

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sorry Guys - I'm Sick!

Today I actually filmed my first vlog where I attempted to explain you why I've been kind of absent last few days and why my blog posts have been so short. I attempted to film it on my Nexus - because I'm actually still in bed - about five times but when I reviewed the footage I decided not to post it as, well, I looked, for lack of a better term, bloody awful. But I have decided that I like vlogging and want to vlog more often.

Over the past few days I've been dealing with extreme fatigue which I am told is left over from when I had glandular fever earlier in the year. It was probably one of the worst illnesses I have had in my life. I was actually taken via an ambulance into hospital and I had to miss a week of university and apply for a bunch of extensions for my coursework, which were thankfully granted. I slept for about 20 hours a day and couldn't move out of bed for at least a week. I had no social life for about a month after as I'd have ended falling asleep in some dark corner of the club.

For some reason the fatigue is back, even typing this takes an extreme amount of effort. I just need a few days to recuperate before getting back into the swing of things, so sorry if I'm not posting as regularly. I have some unedited drafts I might attempt to edit later today if I am feeling better but all I really want to do is curl up in bed and sleep.

UPDATE: It's now 16:43 (GMT) and after many, MANY cups of coffee I am just about ready for work. Blogging should (hopefully) resume as normal. Tomorrow I'll be filming - yes, filming - a super exciting video for you all to watch which should hopefully get uploaded later in the week once I've finished my crazy work schedule.

The only problem is I can't seem to find my volgging camera. If you have any places your cameras like to hide out, please let me know in the comment below!

Thanks for your support!

Charley x

Max Factor Foundation Brush Review

Max Factor's Foundation Brush is currently my go-to for applying my foundation in the morning. The bristles look looks like this after a couple of days of use:

NYC's All Day Long Smooth Skin Foundation in the shade 737 Classic Ivory

I purchased mine a while back from my local Boots store for around £10, are currently stocking them here for £11. Having used it for a few weeks I much prefer it to either my fingers of my QVS Foundation Brush (£5.98). I made the change after my tried and true QVS that I've had for a couple of years, began to shed its bristles to the point where I was fishing them out of my foundation - not a good look!

At first I thought the head was a little small in comparison but found that this worked to my advantage as I could reach the crease of my nose and around inner eye with ease, and much less product was absorbed by the brush. I find that I have to use at least half a pump less each day, which is great! The less foundation that hides in the bristles, the more there is for me! But, as you can see in the photo, the bristles are slightly prone to clogging after a few days of use so I have to clean it pretty regularly.

Using a foundation brush instead of your fingers is more hygenic and, provided you clean it regularly, can actually help reduce acne break outs as you are not transferring the oils from your fingers onto your face.

Image courtesy of

Friday, 23 August 2013

Splashlights are the New Autumn Trend!

Splashlights are set to be for the Autumn of 2013 what ombre was for the Summer of 2012!

So what is this crazy new trend? Splashlights are simply a streak of horizontally bleach hair that stretches around the head, from ear to ear. Think ombre but further up from the ends. The look was first created by hair colourist Aura Friedman (Sally Hershberger Salon, New York) who told Allure she "wanted to create the effect that a laser beam is hitting your hair at a certain spot." Make sure to check out Aura's Tumblr to check out more of her runway trends! You can also check out Aura's Instagram here, for a great front-facing view!

How do I get this look? It requires painting bleach starting at the undermost layer onto a horizontal section of your hair and repeating until you reach the top layer of hair. Sound simple really. If you plan to copy this style at home I definitely recommend getting a friend to help you. The layering is the absolute key, you've got to do it section by section else you could end up with a bit of a wobbly look!

Will I be jumping on board? I've got to say when it comes to streaks I will whole heartedly say that  in my humble non-stylist opinion, I prefer vertical  Think more Rogue from Xmen (I've actually been considering a bleach streaked fringe recently). I'm a little dubious about how it looks from the back, but don't get me wrong, I think the front view is gorgeous!

Will we see this on the high street? Definitely! But it's going to take a little more catching on the ombre simply because it's a lot more complicated to achieve. Stylists everywhere, be prepared, and maybe buy yourselves a ruler?

To view my L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit Review/How to just follow the link.

Images courtesy of Aura Friedman.

Holy Grail Product: L'Oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Night Serum

I dye my hair a lot and subsequently try and wash it ever other day so that my colour doesn't fade as fast. Washing your hair every other day is also better for your scalp as it allows the build up of natural oils that keep your hair and scalp healthy and encourage new growth, washing your hair everyday will strip your hair of these oils. After all, you hair wasn't supposed to be cleaned by all these man made chemicals!

I use this product every night before bed and this is always one of my favorite parts of my nighttime routine. L'Oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Night Serum comes with a built-in pump for easy application and on my longish hair I usually use 2-3 pumps of product (even though it says 1-2 on the bottle) which I work evenly through the ends and mid-section of hair just before bed. I then go through my hair with my hairbrush so that the product is distributed more evenly. In the morning I wake up with gorgeous silky hair that feels as if it's just been washed, it smells great too!

It's literally effortless to use, takes seconds and works whilst you're catching your beauty sleep - how great is that?! I have never experienced it making my hair greasy or staining my pillow as it dries pretty fast once you apply it. Currently you can get your hands on it for just £2.99 over at Fragrance Direct, saving you £3.13 from the RRP. What are you waiting for?

Shop Style Chi!

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at giving me an opportunity to become one of their ambassadors. In return, they asked me to have a little play on their site and let them know what I thought, and were nice enough to credit my account with 10,000 points (in UK terms, I'm told that's about £5).

So what is Style Chi? Style Chi is a newly launched, unique and interactive shopping site based around your favorite social networking sites such a Twitter and Facebook. The site is unlike any other, you can actually reduce the prices of items by up to 50% on the site by simply sharing it, liking it and adding or inviting friends. It is really that simple! As a boarderline Twitter addict and fashion lover this sounds almost too good to be true! How could I refuse! Since 200, the site has won won over 60 industry awards and is a current finalist in The Drums, CIPR Awards and SABER Awards 2013! They've got some great brands on board such as River Island, Steve Madden, Converse and Rare London! Where do I sign up?

After hearing all that I just had to have a go! I completed the super easy sign up process I was sent straight into a quick tutorial, showing me how to get around the site with tips to earn extra points, such as uploading a profile picture. I did find this a little tricky as it was taken from the screenshot of my Totally Twisted Braid Tutorial so wasn't already square. And, being the complete perfectionist that I am, it just had to be in the middle!

After spending an hour browsing the site, here's what my profile and points look like:

I'll be using my 12,998 points to calculate my reduced RRPs in on some of my favorite products below:
Mi Lajki Simply Spike Clutch in Green (RRP £19.95 £16.96)
I love, love, love the colour of this bag, it's just perfect! And the skull and stud detailing is still bag on trend! Some of you may have seen my tweet about this earlier in the week, that was because I was testing out Style Chi's share function, and I earnt myself some pretty points whilst I was at it!

Being the budget conscious blogger that I am, I did a quick Google of this accessory to check the pricing and found it at (in black on Style Chi) for an astonishing £27.95! So, not only are you saving money with Style Chi, you're also saving a further £8 off the price! What's not to love? Adding the bag to my cart earned me +100 points, as did liking the bag on Facebook. I still haven't managed to convince myself to complete the transaction, if you would like to be an enabler (please do!) comment below!

Spartz Ella Camo Jacket (RRP £64.95 £55.21)

Friis Company Flame Leather Belt (RRP £39.95 £34.15)
I also really like this chunky, studded belt by Friis, the name pun is quite clever too. But I also found it for £19 (sold out) at Polyvore.

As for the overall style of the site, the selection is chique but small and it has some great unique pieces too, like these snake earrings by Mi Lajki, I can't work out whether they're cute or scary!

There's also a style site for him too!

Let me know if you sign up in the comments so that we can be friends!

Images courtesy of Style Chi.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

NOTD: Revlon Minted & O.P.I White Crackle

Both of these I purchased in my recent gigantic nail polish haul and, with summer fading fast, I though now would be one of the last chances I get to try the two together!

Revlon's Minted Nail Enamel (£6.49) - I love this colour but was actually a little disappointed with this product. I fell in love with Revlon's Black Lingerie polish but this was very watery, in some areas flooding the cuticle, and appeared streaky on my nails. It took 3-4 coats to eve resemble full coverage, I feel like I used half the bottle on a single use! On the plus side it dries pretty quickly. I'm going to give it another shot at some point, I usually find nail varnishes are better when they have congealed and thickened a little a few months after purchase, but for now this summer polish is just going to have to sit on my shelf!

O.P.I White Crackle Nail Lacquer (£11.50) - O.P.I. is there really any more to say? This is one of the best crackle polish I've used, it dries super fast, last a long time and looks great on my nails! A teeny bit of product really does go a long way!

To view the bottles, and the rest of the nail polishes I purchased, check out my haul blog!

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