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Three Top Tips for Packing

Today things are manic with packing as I'm trying to disentangle my life from the stuff I need and the stuff I won't see for two months, all whilst packing and washing bed sheets, towels and a weeks worth of holiday clothes. It's definitely taking some time.

I sat here wracking my brain on what to blog about and figured, why not packing, how to pack, what to pack, when to pack... and show you some more items I've purchased for my new home in part two later in the week.

Over the past few months I've been looking out for stuff but, unsurprisingly it all turns up two weeks before moving day. Rule #1, without a doubt, is to start packing early. I've been chucking stuff into boxes for weeks now but that doesn't mean it's pack, does it Rule #2?

I know some of you may feel this way after hours and hours of trawling through your stuff. But, Rule #2 is pack smart. Pack towels with toothbrushes and sheets with slippers. That way, when you get to the other end it's relatively simple to unpack and your rooms will be organised in no time.

Rule #3 is to pack pretty, not junky, if you're limited on space you want a few knick knacks to make it homely but you don't want junk. Yes that teddy bear is adorably cute to fit next to your jewellery box AND ornament AND photo frame - but do you really need it?

If you've got any other top tips for packing, please let me know in the comments below!

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